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Is an iPhone really worth it?

Asked by absolutely (126points) January 30th, 2008

Considering the cost of the iphone itself and the monthly bill to e hooked up to the web, is it really worth it? Or would I be better off with something like a Blackberry?

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It absolutely is. Mine is probably the most useful “gadget” I own and it has definitely changed my habits as a result. I actually choose to use my iPhone over my laptop in some situations. That, to me, speaks volumes.

Its really a myth that the iPhone is expensive anyway as the total cost of ownership is actually lower than other smart phones. And honestly, there isn’t really any other device that compares to it at the moment anyway.

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Here’s an article discussing iPhone pricing vs the others:

Keep in mind also that when that article was written, the iPhone retailed for $200 more than it does now.

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I don’t regret it for one second. I think it’s one of those things where once you have it you go “Jeez, how did I ever get by without this?”

Compared to the Blackberry. I personally know a few people who switched devices and rave about how glad they were to get rid of the Blackberry. And that they had no idea how crappy it was until they had the iPhone for a few days.

And as far as cost, any smartphone will have a data plan you have to pay for. My bill is $60 a month for internet (unlimited) and voice.

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When I had a crackberry, here are the things I loathed:

$40/month for their data plan on top of phone plan;
weak browser, terrible graphics
limited display options
push email-thus the crackberry moniker
(addictive in a bad way)
sync software unintuitive, and had to purchase 3rd party software to get it to work on my mac
3rd party apps-not really there
the pearl scroll ball gave out after two months of use
_weak technical support from behind a corporate support site; the in-store support limited to techies who ‘knew’ how to program that phone at the AT&T store.
_weak media player-only audio and limited format support.
I agree with all the above as well; it really is a device that in spite of its limitations is a convergence device.

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correction: not a convergence device.

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The only qualm I have with mine is that the speakerphone sucks. It is simply not loud enough to be useful.

Other than that, I love it. Best phone I have ever owned.

I also have a Blackberry 8830, and an LG Flip. (Company Phones on Different Providers).

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The iphone is my first cell phone and I’m real happy with it. The iPod part is great , I love watching video on it. Camera is super cool with the pinch n spread fuNtion he he ECT. I don’t want to spoil it for ya so that’s all I’m saying . Like telling the ending to a GREAT movie . I have a laptop also but I’m starting to wonder why.

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@glial: agreed on the speakerphone volume; some people have reported that piercing the speaker cover with a pin can increase the volume by 40%, and that the cover is the reason for the attenuated volume. It is noteworthy, however, that this mod will void the warranty, and reduce the protection of the speaker.

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Hands Down! Yes its worth the price. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used the Maps traffic feature to get reliable traffic data when on the road. The IMAP email functionality is great, and rarely use my computer at home to check email anymore. I also love doing quick comparison pricing when I’m at the store. I do this a lot at Costco when I price out Books or DVD’s vs Amazon. I also like how easy it is to store multiple phone numbers and emails for contacts. And downloading music directly to the phone is awesome.
The UI is extremely easy to use.

Good Luck!

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Definitely. It has replaced my PowerBook for most of my routine email and surfing tasks. Now, I only tend to take my laptop along when I’m actually doing some work on the train.

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Absolutely. I paid the full $600 and would do it again, knowing it would drop to $399 after just 2 months. I’ll echo the others to say that the internet browsing experience is incredible. Some sites work better on the iPhone than in a regular browser. The iPod is great. Mail is incredible (I actually started emailing people again). The camera isn’t bad, either. Would be better if I had a more steady hand. No regrets whatsoever and I can’t wait to get one for my wife.

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after 4 months using it i can’t imagine going back to any other phone…
best cellphone i’ve owned, best ipod i’ve owned, best overall gadget i’ve owned…
so in a word – yes!

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oh my god yes.

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It all depends on what you are looking for. I cancelled my contract with Verizon and switched to AT&T just for the Iphone. I have never regretted my decision.

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