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Any expressions or sayings your ESL significant other or friend says that is cute and funny?

Asked by JLeslie (54594points) October 7th, 2009

I love when my husband screws up American sayings, Spanish is his first language. I find it very cute (he hates the word cute). He calls the spots on the fawns outside our window “dots.” He continues to say “dumbwit,” even though I have told him multiple times the expression is dimwit, I guess the former makes more sense to him. There are more, but they are not coming to me right now.

My favorite example of this was actually an I Love Lucy episode where Lucy is testing Ricky to see if he will come and save her when she is in trouble. In the scene Fred, Ricky, and Ethel cannot find Lucy and Fred asks, “do you think something really happened to Lucy?” Ricky replies, “I dun’t know, maybe she is screaming tiger?” There is a pause and Fred questions back, “do you mean crying wolf?” My husband and I always use screaming tiger after seeing that when crying wolf would be appropriate.

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This isn’t really an answer to the question, but I do love that ESL peoples are generally more beautiful with regards to how they use the language. That is to say, they are more creative with the words we quite often take for granted.

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.. [saying goodbye on the cell phone]

… [me] bye ! .. luv ya
.....[she]... luv ya more!
.... [me]... no you don’t [hang up]

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I agree with @Grisaille. Listening to esl people talk is just so much more interesting. Plus if they have an accent…wwwwwwoooo. I went to school with this British kid and everytime he spoke I melted. Off topic, but still.

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I’ve never had the pleasure, but there is a software blog I read by a girl from Germany or the Netherlands or wherever that is so cute it hurts. Here’s an example:

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My EFL (english is his first language) boyfriend thinks it’s really funny to say “el shoes-o”. that means “shoes in spanish” to him, even though he knows better.

We do have a really good friend who says things so funny they’ve become part of our group’s sociolect, “don’t make laugh at me” is ‘dont make fun of me’ or ‘don’t laugh at me’. that’s always a good one because everyone is already laughing when we say it. (it’s just a joke and in good company.) another favorite is “hey babies”—like “hey baby” but if there are multiple “hot girls” in the room, meaning any females.

he also makes a lot of gestures that are somehow really easily interpreted as gestures for boobs. This is kind of hard to explain on the internet, but now whenever we talk about anything being heavy or nano-cups or earrings, we make “boob gestures”

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@La_chica_gomela “hey babies” hahahah i love that

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@La_chica_gomela “Don’t make laugh at me,” I love it.

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My partner is quite fluent in English, so when he makes little mistakes I am loathe to correct him (or I will never hear him make the cute mistake again.) One of my favorites is the way he repeats a question back to me: “If we are going out tonight?” “If I’m okay?” I hope he never reads this thread

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Not exactly a friend or SO, but my 61-year-old Japanese teacher of calculus is very fond of American expressions. For example, if he get’s ahead of himself while explaining a concept he’ll say “hold your horse. Or if you don’t have a horse, hold your dog.” And if there are multiple explanations for a proof he’ll say “there’s more than one way to skin a cat. But that’s not very nice for the cat.” He also will tell us that if we can’t remember simple algebraic or trig functions he will “send you a rusty samurai sword in the mail. With instructions.”
This coupled with his thick Japanese accent and the fact that he is a walking stereotype makes him very entertaining.

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