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What is the weather like along I-70 in January?

Asked by deni (22607points) October 7th, 2009

As of now I’m moving to Colorado in January. However, the more people I tell this to, the more people GASP because they think I’m going to hit a huge blizzard and never make it there.

It’s a straight shot from where I live (a little east of Pittsburgh) to Denver. I know that in January, here in PA it could either be snowing a storm or doing absoutely nothing, and I’m sure it’s the same in Ohio, Indiana….but Kansas and eastern Colorado, even Missouri…what is the weather like there in January?

Basically, do you think it’s risky? I personally don’t. 24 hours on the road, I think the chance of you hitting a seriously bad storm is unlikely, but then again I don’t know! I do know you’d have to be careful, as I’m sure there would be snow almost everywhere. It probably wouldn’t be a fun or hasty drive but the destination makes it worthwhile.

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