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What are some healthy snacks you would recommend for losing weight?

Asked by kheredia (5558points) October 7th, 2009

I’m currently trying to lose some weight and I’ve been shopping around for healthy snacks. I’ve already loaded my fridge with lots of fruits and veggies. I’ve also bought some whole grain breads and fat free yogurts. I’ve also tried the weight watchers low fat cream cheese and love it! Any other ideas?

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Steamed veggies
For god’s sake, don’t put ranch on them!

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Fall is the perfect time to snack on a good, crunchy apple! There are so many great varieties to pick from – honey crisp, macintosh, maccouns, gala….......

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Low Sodium V-8 & an apple before each meal are two of my top choices to lose/maintain weight and gain health, and get a leg up on eating your daily recommended fruits & veggies for the day.

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Green tea would be a smart add on to your diet as would cinnamon, as both have been proven to help metabolism.

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Smart Pop popcorn. It’s not as healthy as fruits or veggies, but if you like the hand-to mouth part of snacking it’s a great 100 cal choice that takes a long time to eat. I’m a big snacker and trying to lose a few pounds. The kettle corn variety and grapes are my not-so-secret weapons. :)

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Nutritionists also suggest nuts, as long as you eat only 10 at a time. They also suggest 5 small meals each day, so you never get to the point that you are starving and so you can keep your metabolism fired up throughout the day.

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Fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains. But really, if you just want to lose weight you have to consume fewer calories than you expend, there’s no other way. Fruits and vegetables can make you feel full with fewer calories due to water and fiber content, some whole grains can do that do.

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Food that grows out of the ground and doesn’t come in a box.

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And drink plenty of water. It does make a difference.

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My daily snacks consist of baby carrots, an apple, a banana, snow peas, cottage cheese, plain rice cakes, plain whole almonds, yogurt drink, grapes.

I get all my snack ideas from the Canada Food Guide

Good luck! – LB

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Frozen bananas & grapes can help tide you over.

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Make your own Hummus & veggie platter, yum!

@PretentiousArtist – How about Velveeta Cheese on those steamed veggies? ;)

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I prefer soy cheese, but that’s not a bad idea

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Velveeta is basically fat, salt and artificial coloring. You need to avoid it at all costs.

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@Darwin – I was kidding, I definitely do avoid it at all costs too! Personally I like just garlic and nutritional yeast on my veggies.

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Someone mentioned apples. For some reason I feel quite hungry after eating apples, to the point I need to eat something else and quickly. Does this happen to anyone else?

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@FutureMemory Yessssss. Then again, most times after I finish eating anything I am still hungry :(

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@FutureMemory It does happen to some (oatmeal makes me hungry). Those people should avoid apples.

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@SpatzieLover – Oatmeal makes me feel full all day.

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@Darwin I agree with you. I eat 10 almonds everyday, and love them. I also eat several smaller snacks between meals, to give my metabolism a boost. But I only eat fruit, and vegetables. And when it is time for a meal, I make sure that I have vegetables, with it. I don’t eat out very much, but my favorite meal to make is baked eggplant, rubbed lightly with olive oil, and seasoned. But you should try some of the ideas the other flutherites have written. You might find something that works for you. Good luck :)

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@shego – I’m not the one looking for diet suggestions here. That would be @kheredia.

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@Darwin I feel like I’m starving about 15–20mins later

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definitely not the Twix ice cream bar I just sucked down. [licks fingers]

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@shego I’m getting hungry now

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@Darwin i was just responding, I was agreeing with you about the nuts. I just realized everything is squished together. Thanks for pointing that out to me.

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@poofandmook – Stop teasing us! It makes us angry, and you don’t want to see us when we’re angry! My apologies to the Incredible Hulk

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I have a large can of Chef Boyardee and two cans of Oscar Blue’s Dale’s Pale Ale.

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@Noel_S_Leitmotiv – You can keep the Chef Boyardee. Even our dogs won’t eat that stuff.

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I know I’m slummin. I’m actually quite the foodie. But one can’t eat Madonna’s all the time, sometimes you’re in the mood for a whore.

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But that isn’t even food.

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LOL, fair enough, you’re correct. It’s a childhood memory thing. My Sicilian wife goes batshit when I eat it.

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Adding any non-sugar or low-sugar drink to your diet will help; I prefer “sun” tea (put 5–6 teabags in a pitcher, fill with water and stick it in the fridge; 8–10 hours later: sun tea) because my tap water isn’t the greatest, and I drink my iced tea without anything extra (except maybe lemon).

It’s always a good idea to remove most of the simple white carbs from your diet (white bread, white rice, white sugar) and replace them with whole grains or better-for-you options. (Also, whole grains will keep you full for longer on less.)

(You could always make Stove Top Popcorn so that it’s got fewer weird things in it.)

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Rice cakes with a bit (smidgen, now) of tahini. Pu-erh Tea (tuochas which are small dried cakes of tea——rev up your metabolism and burns fat), Almonds (one at a time to savor them), Frozen grapes (it’s like eating sherbet drops), one sqaure of Green and Black 70 percent Dark Chocolate and tea (hits the spot and choco cravings) and celery sticks with this peanut butter made in Europe that isn’t made with peanuts….starts with an “E” (Erskal?)...someone help me out here, Almond butter is great, too. But when using any butters, use sparingly. Also low-fat hummous on rice cakes. I cut out all “whites”...sugar, flour and candies, cookies…etc. If I absolutely have to have a sweet, I get an Atkins “Marshmallow Mudslide Bar” and cut it into small pieces. Not the healthiest, but it keeps me from grabbing a “Snickers” bar. I’ve lost 70 lbs…oh, and Pilates at home really helps, too! Good luck and don’t get discouraged….and don’t weigh yourself every day…sometimes it’s best to just go by the way your clothes fit.

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Great ideas everybody! I had a whole wheat English muffin with low fat cream cheese earlier today and I couldn’t believe how delicious it was! I’m also drinking diet everything and lots of water. I’ll have to try some of your suggestions too. Thanks a bunch!

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Low-glycemic food, some protein and fat and lots of fibers to fool your stomach.

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@FutureMemory – I have the same issue with apples. I have cured it by eating 6 or 8 almonds with the apple.

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I like Stonyfield Farm’s yogurts and smoothies and some of the Kashi Bars are yummy too. I’ll eat those as pre-workout snacks with a fruit on the way between work and the gym.

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I love Edamame (soybeans) either plain or roasted. I get them already shelled in the frozen vegetable section in a Japanese supermarket but I think some regular supermarkets have them now. If you get the roasted ones, just make sure they aren’t loaded with salt.

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fruits,veggies and lots of water

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Fresh veggies. You would be stuffed to the point of nausea before you could eat enough calories in carrots, celery, broccoli etc. to affect your weight. If you MUST dip them in some sort of shit, use a little bit of hummus. Do not ignore fruit, but go light on the fruit- lots of carbohydrate calories calories in a small package. Have a protein bar instead of lunch.

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