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Can i call a phone from my # and have it show coming from another #?

Asked by kyrose (1points) October 7th, 2009

a freind is having a problem with his ex saying he is calling her from his phone. the calls show his # on her phone but the bill shows no calls to her #. she has told the police he is doing it from his computer , that it is easy. how is this possible ? anyone know how this is done ? also how can u send an e-mail showing a different ip address ? need help quick.

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google voice

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There are ip address changers. Some free some pay ware. They work good, but check for viruses. There is a website called prankdialer where you can pay to call people and prank them. If you pay you can type in any phonenumber. There is also textdialer where you can type whatever message you want!

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I guess you stamp another IP if you use a VPN tunnel to a proxy.

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Not easily, but there are some rather involved ways. That is if you wish to have it appear to be from a specific nominated number. What do you actually want to do? I sometimes do something similar as a part of a practical joke.

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To send an email from another address get yourself a webmail account (Gmail, Hotmail etc.) and use Tor

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There is the Guerilla Mail with disposable mail adresses as well. I think they get a proxy IP stamp.

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There is a service called SpoofCall which allows you to select any number you want to show on the caller ID when calling someone.

My friend is constantly playing practical jokes on his buddies by calling them at work from their “house number.”

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