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A conundrum with the lessons of Deepak Chopas' "The Book of Secrets"?

Asked by kellylet (858points) October 7th, 2009

So in the early chapters of this book Deepak explains that capitalism is an illusion keeping us from the true mysteries of life. He goes on for a while about how limiting the life the majority of lead is.

I may or may not agree with this idea but I would imagine he should/would live this spirituality superior realm. Why then would he charge $17/book? Do you think it would be more appropriate to provide his services and lessons for a minimal fee? Is he just another sales person chasing wealth and celebrity posing as a spiritual role model and leader?

I have been so annoyed by this lack of congruence that I have not been able to move past this point in this book.

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Check out his fees for personal appearance.

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This made me think about “How to get rich”-books. The one getting rich is the one writing the book.

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@oratio I feel like at least that is honest. They are telling you to get rich and they are getting rich. Shouldn’t the person who tells you how to get money have money and the person who leads you to improve yourself and inspire spirituality follow their own teachings?

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@kellylet Ah well, no single book can teach you how to get rich.

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And here’s his Los Angeles home. Just sayin’.

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^^: He should be able to fit several thousand homeless people in that without even noticing.

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@Harp That looks like it’s meeting more than his basic survival needs.

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All I can say is that the guy must be having a hard time blood sucking hypocrite. Why else would he live in such a crowded neighborhood? It’s practically a trailer park deadbeat dad!!

I will point out that most of the seventeen dollars per book goes to the publisher two-faced capitalist scum! And you know how it is —it’s the ones that can afford to who say that material goods are not important sanctimonious suckup! I’m sure he gives away plenty of money to charity. You know what they say? A dollar here; a dollar there; pretty soon you’re talking about real money! skinflint hedonist!

I’m crying tears, here. Real tears. That dude gets such a rum bap!

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Mr. Chopra has never condemned the rich. And he’s not necessarily condemning capitalism. It’s just a matter of fact he is stating. But he’s still within the system, as we all are, pretty much. He’s just pointing out that our culture is taught that the goal of our nation is to expand its gross national product. That’s the highest goal for our culture. And from that huge national goal, out come billions of personal goals that must fit with the national goal, if they are to be comfortable and/or successful, monetarily. And those who focus on those things, live their entire lives, then die, without having ever seen reality for what it is. Generally speaking. And they miss out on the most emotionally rewarding experiences a soul can have, and not only that… they blindly produce personal and national policies that actively steer people AWAY from such gnosis.

As Terence McKenna says, a legitimate culture is based on emotional values, and not products. I think this is what Mr. Chopra is trying to say.

And i’m sure he knows, as we all do, that anyone who desperately needs a certain book, can most likely get it at the library.

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I find it most disturbing that our instinct is to scream hypocracy at anyone who questions Capitalism. It’s like some kind of involuntary immunological response to a foreign body…HYPOCRITE, STALINIST TYRANT! A smoker can tell you smoking is harmful, an alcaholic the same with booze, the truth doesn’t have to come from our childly notions of sainthood. Does it?

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im sure his decision to buy that house was a real emotional one, lol.

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