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Ever had a moment when you wondered if you were in a cartoon?

Asked by wildpotato (15224points) October 7th, 2009

One time, my boyfriend started a bonfire with gasoline. Lots of gasoline. Over a huge pile of really dry branches and burdock weed. I remember the whoosh, and then his face in front of mine with this completely bewildered expression and his goatee, sideburns, eyebrows, and hair singed back to half their previous glory, saying something along the lines of ”[wildpotato], am I on fire?!”

I remember trying harder than I ever have before to not laugh, and thinking “Wow, am I in a cartoon?”

Ever had one of those?

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yep, the one time I got high. Everything was slow moving, and I couldn’t put it all together. Well, I was told that I felt like I was in a cartoon because I was high. It was like watching bright colored people, moving like they were cartoons. Some of them moved fast some moved slow. That was when I decided never to do that again.

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You mean I’m not?!!

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Yes but I was on 20–30 hits of liquid acid. Everything was a cartoon.

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As for me, I’ve never feeled i’m in a cartoon. But it can be an interestig experience, though. Isn’t it?

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This is funny. Said boyfriend tried to tell me to add a disclaimer to this question, like: this is not a question about drugs. Being on acid is not cartoonish, and it would be unfortunate if this thread went in that direction. I said nah, it’s obvious I’m asking about general surreal experiences, not acid trips. Guess I should have listened.

@buster You needed 20–30 hits? Must have been some pretty weak stuff.

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Actually it was an accident and was quite potent.

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Ha ha, hallucinating is nothing like cartoons. It is its own experience, indecribable to one who has not experienced it first hand.
I once hiked to the top of one of my favorite mountains in Colorado. The sky was a deep blue, aginst dark pines and golden aspens. There were plenty of Colorados famous red rocks, it was beautiful, and bright, and very animated. I remember thinking for weeks afterward how drab everything looked.

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hallucinogens can definitely be cartoonish at times.DOB was very cartoony IME

sorry no more derailing with hallucinogens :P

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@buster Gotcha. I’ve had a similar incident, actually. Kids, don’t volunteer to be the guinea pig.

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Nope, but I have felt like I was starring in the Truman Show. If my life was a cartoon it would be a lot more humor.

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For a moment during my wedding, I glanced at the comic on the altar where my Manga bride smiled back at me and thought “My God, I’m two dimensional.” It was exhilarating as I am usually one dimensional.

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Only when I say things like ”...and I woulda got away with it, too, if it weren’t for you damned kids!”

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When people do stupid things and get hurt, like when a friend, who should have known better, still tried to clear a jump on his motorcycle to impress a girl. I, of course, hurried to assist and console him, but if he could have put the pain aside for a moment and looked above my head, he would have seen one of those comic strip bubbles containing the words: “you stupid mother fucker”.
See ya….Gary/wtf

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When I start hearing the same jokes, seeing the same people over and over, and seeing the same background over and over, I know something is up…

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(stops and stares, wondering if this is a joke).

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I always think I’m in a cartoon. I swear I can see my face being changed like an anime. the crazy faces. the surprised looks, everything. Right now, it is the only thing that has been making me laugh recently.

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When I was 17 I took mushrooms and was walking outside in the melting snow, next thing I know I literally was reading a cartoon in the snow. As for real life experiences I have had a many that felt too comical to be real.

One of the best was with a friend snowboarding, we stopped in at the lodge to get food and there was this ridiculously hot snow bunny. As we left the line with our trays of food my friend started staring at her, eventually she looked up, smiled and at this very moment my friend walked straight into a pillar. He fell straight back try on top of him, food all over! All I could do was laugh and help him up.

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I’m not sure, although sometimes I wish I were in a cartoon. No, not really—that would be even worse.

However, last night I kept having this strange vision that I was sitting somewhere else in my room. I have a big old teachers desk holding my computer, and it faces the Southern window. And yet I kept on feeling like I was facing the Western wall of the room, which has no windows. A sense of being in two places at the same time, somehow—or maybe a feeling of bleeding into an alternate reality.

That somehow seems cartoonlike to me.

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@wundayatta wow i wish I had an experience like that! Being in two places at once! are the one!?!?

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