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My cat growls and hides from me?

Asked by sparkytheoutlaw (58points) October 8th, 2009

My cat, snoopy, is about 3 years old. I just got him 2 days ago from the local shelter. I know he needs time to adjust, but he will not stop growling at me and every-once-in-awhile he lets me pet him and he purrs, but more oftne than not he keeps trying to get in the darkest corner he can to hide.

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Let him get used to life at your house. You have no idea what he had been through before he ended up at the shelter. He’ll need a while to trust and love you.

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It will take time but he will probably come around. Just let him be and get used to the lay of the land. Once he discovers and gets used to his new digs he’ll start to want your attention.

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That’s why I don’t like cats. They’re so temperamental and moody. If it’s only been a few days give it more time to adjust. He’s probably just freaked out due to his new environment. Not to mention the fact that you got it from a shelter. Who knows what kind of life it had before you came along. Abuse? Neglect?

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My cats have never been temperamental or moody unless ill or scared. Your cat just became your cat.

Could you put a blanket or pillow down in the corner of the room for the cat to cuddle on? When he comes out try calling his name and giving him a treat. He’s just meeting you.

It can take awhile for a cat to explore new surroundings and build trust. Treats, toys & catnip need to be part of your daily routine with him while he gets adjusted.

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Mean Pussy’s are tough customers. They are conquered with endless singing songs praising their name aloud and the softest of caressing touches when they come around.

Always and only on their terms. A test of your patience is the gift you now possess.

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I rescued a stray cat who acted just like that, only he didn’t growl much. He would always be hiding from me under the bed or couch and would not come out for anything. It took him nearly two month for him to get used to the house and people. Now he’s great and love to be rubbed and is very playful. So, if I were you, just give him some space and every now and then try to get him out from hiding and play with you. Have some patience, but if he doesn’t change for longer than 3 months I would seek further help.

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@erichw1504 I’ve rescued three. One did take awhile to warm up to our home. The other two were just happy to be in a stress-free situation.

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First. Isolate the kitty in one room, or a hallway. Make sure kitty has a place to hide. Keep fresh water and a box in there. Offer kitty food 2 times a day. If kitty doesn’t come out to eat right away go out and leave kitty to eat. Go back later to check if kitty ate. If not, take the food and offer it again in another hour or so. Soon, kitty will associate you with eating and should begin to trust you and hide less and less.

There are reasons why this approach won’t work, but it’s the best way to start. If this doesn’t work let us know. There are many other ways, as well.

Also, get the book Starting From Scratch.

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thanks everyone. Ive been doing what you guys said and gave him some space…he’s stopped growling and came out of hiding a few times…and i even got a hold of the shelter and figured out what food he likes :) i think it should go better now…i also figured out that the reason he’s been growling is because i didnt greet him first…so im gonna do that from now on and see what happens..

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@sparkytheoutlaw Hooray! I love happy animal stories. Sounds like this is just the beginning of yours.

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Sometimes the most lovable of cats adore being stroked and petted for a few minutes and then become overstimulated and need to back off.

@sparkytheoutlaw: And remember, just when you think you have Snoopy figured out, he will change his mind, his behavior, his habits and his patterns. Each one is idiosyncratic and unpredictable.

What is the sound of a cat growling?

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My cats’ unpredictablity is very predictable. They are always different in the same way. = ^ . . ^ =

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Alrighty! **Snoopy update**!!**
He has stopped growling and become almost clingy…now if I can just keep him out of the closets…and get rid of the hairballs….it’ll be perfect :-)

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That’s great to hear. Snoopy is a cute name.

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Maybe Snoopy was irritated at being given the name of a superstar dog? Apparently he has made his peace with it. Other alternatives are Snippy, Snappy (would fit my cat), and Snobby.

Glad that he knows where his food, heat and shelter come from. Keep closet doors closed (or check every one before you go to bed and live with the hairballs.

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:P he answers to snoopy..and it really fits him cause he snoops into everything…our food, computers, homework, clothes, trash….EVERYTHING! :D but its cool. and we got some meds for the hairballs…so now he won’t be throwing them up anymore. and the whole closet thing has been solved momentarily by putting tinfoil down under the doors. Lets hope it works. :D

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@sparkytheoutlaw Thanks for the update! So glad to see Snoopy is feeling at home with you now!

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