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What's the easiest way to buy a domain name?

Asked by star*dar (54points) January 30th, 2008

any preferred sites? does it matter?

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I get mine through my hosting company. The very lovely and wonderful

Really, I would check and see if your hosting company sells domain names too. That would probably be easiest.

And a note about GoDaddy. The founder supports torture at Guantanamo Bay. If you are cool with that then go ahead and use them. Just a F.Y.I.

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All my friends use

caution: One company, I found out, will obtain any domain name that you check availability for, then they overcharge you to use the domain.

can’t remember the name of the company now, but it was on Webbalert.

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i like – easy for beginners and cheap. $10 a year

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I would suggest . In the past 6 years, I have tried a bunch of registrars and they have by far the best service. First of all it’s cheap, they have a pretty advanced domain manager, offer cheap hosting and free parking (or free hosting with ads) and best of all their customer service is awesome (Since you get to speak to good helpful english speaking people)

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I also am getting mine through my hosting, dreamhost
I’m very happy with their service.

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I’ve used GoDaddy for most of my domain registrations, though after the first answer in this thread I may reconsider. My web host also offers domain registration and it’s been fine.

@VoodooLogic, Rumour has it that none other than Network Solutions (the company that used to have a monopoly on domain registrations) snipes domain names that are searched for but not bought. I hate that practice because it makes me really reluctant to hunt for domains.

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I’ve used Hostway, Yahoo! Domains and DreamHost

All of them have worked ok, they’re cheap and their customer service is fine.

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I strongly dislike GoDaddy. Jesus they’re terrible. They’re slimy businessmen that just want your money. And offer your really below average services. A very subpar “good enough” mentality.

I would totally recommend Media Temple for any hosting services. They are leaps and bounds ahead of everyone. And for a beginner, they make is as easy as it should be. GoDaddy is a complete clusterf**k.

With that said, I would advice you to find a host you like first, then register the domain with them. Not only is it much easier to do the two together under one roof, you almost always save money on a package.

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I use ZZHosting; they’re always very responsive when I contact them.

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Here’s another reason why you should completely avoid GoDaddy.

GoDaddy Silences Police-Watchdog Site

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