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Ladies and Gentlemen...let's discuss conspiracy theories!

Asked by saraaaaaa (2317points) October 8th, 2009

Let the battle commence! just kidding

For some reason unbeknownst to me, conspiracy theory is the current topic of the week and as much as I don’t put much stock in such things, these past few days I have become curious…the things that have been discussed at work center around such things as the illuminati, the american government and other such mysteries.

So I put this out to you all in the name of research.
What do you know or believe? If only in part?
Do you think its all a load of s***, and that people are simply reading between line that aren’t there?

Anyway, thank you for taking the time. No trolling, I just wish to know is all.

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I wish I could italicize an ellipsis.

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Elvis is dead, as is Tupac. Of this I am certain.

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I could work better if I had specifics. The Illuminati, as far as I understand, did (possibly does) exist. Not quite the same way that Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson describe them, though.

Frankly, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if there was a big fnord conspiracy, what with so many politicians and other movers and shakers of the early U.S. government being members of the Free Masons.

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I didn’t mention too many specifics as wasn’t sure how this question would be recieved. Subject areas include Zeitgeist (if that means anything to you), 9/11, FEMA camps and wierdly devil worship make of that what you will

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Let’s talk about how the Trojan condom company is trying to take over the world. First of all, how many condom companies do you see who advertise on television? I’ve only seen one. I think that when Trojan advertises, it sends out a signal to all of the stupid people who see the commercial. These people then buy packages of specially marked condoms only known to the stupid viewers of these commercials, as stupid people’s brains are more easily coerced and have lots of sex. Well, these condoms are faulty and therefore the stupid people breed and have more stupid people. Trojan will harness the power of the stupid people when enough of them are born to take over the world!

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@saraaaaaa I love conspiracy theories and used to “collect” them. However, you’re not giving me anything to go on.

Before people jump out at me as a nut, I used to read them because I thought they were great material for future things, not because I thought they were true. Except maybe the one about Nazi’s living inside the Earth at their base under the South Pole, along with the Nordic aliens.

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@mrentropy simply some examples, the most far-fetched? Any that made you think?

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Everytime I hear someone talk about chemtrails I just want to punch them in the face.

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Is this part of the conspiracy? Hiding in plain site? I’m onto you, you know!

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I may get beaten to a pulp for this but I don’t believe Kurt Cobain was murdered!

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For an X-Files flavor, the one I posted about Nazi’s and aliens is one I found a while back. It has to do with two alien species fighting over the human race. I’m not sure how the Hollow Earth and Nazi’s managed to make it in there.

When Clinton was in power I was reading about train cars being modified for prisoner transport. I believe it went hand-in-hand with the stories about U.N. troops being deployed in the U.S. because the government felt that it would be difficult for U.S. troops to fire on Americans on American soil.

There are the many and varied Illuminati stuff. Those are easy to find anywhere.

9/11 I don’t like to touch, so I won’t.

Robert Hoagland seems convinced that NASA is holding back information about life on Mars and a new type of science. A lot of that is at his site, Enterprise Mission.

I’ll have to dredge the brain for more. It’s been a while since I sought them out. I do remember the chemtrail brouhaha that @hookecho mentions. I remember the problem being that people were saying that there was some kind of white, unidentifiable stuff left on the ground or floating in the air, not just airplanes leaving contrails across the sky.

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michael jackson is alive!

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Oh, so, anyway. They all make me think. Not that I think they have much truth to them (they might, they might not) but I think they make for great stories.

The only ones that I I’m kind of swayed towards are Hoagland’s thoughts about NASA. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find out there’s a lot of interesting things to find beneath the surface of Mars and if I’m expected to go along with the String Theory, I see no reason not to have Hyperdimensional physics.

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I believe that those in power often keep information away from those who are not in power. In fact it is how they keep their power in many circumstances. Therefore conspiracies do exist at some level.

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I believe that we have been and are being visited by extraterrestrial intelligent lifeforms.
There is enough evidence to argue in favour of it (eyewitnesses, photographs, videos, physical traces, military videos, and radar contact by military forces)

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@ragingloli i really think there isn’t any way some life from another planet hasn’t happened to find itself on earth at least once. but i think even if it has, even if its here today, the government will never ever let us find out. and when we do find out, it will be covered up and then eventually it will just be one of those things like roswell or kecksburg, pa—where years later no one really knows, and even though there are eyewitnesses and such, we’ve just been taught that these people are crazy and nothing really happened.

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the american government yes
but other’s are not so secretive.
the mexican military has released video material of UFO’s
the belgian military has encountered them, sent F16s after them and witnessed their extraordinary capabilities
the russians had serious research into it.
the french released their COMETA report with the conclusion that the phenomenon is very real
even the US has conducted studies with similar results (project blue book)

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@ragingloli very interesting. i will have to look into those further, i love this type of thing.

@benjaminlevi hhhhhhhhha! the onion. i love it

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Jackson was a T600 made by Cyberdyne Systems. Because of the rubber skin

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9/11 has been an epicenter of conspiracy theories since the day after it happened. Some of them are pretty far fetched but given the unusual ammount of coincidences that lead up to, occured on, and followed that day is bizarre. The pieces don’t all add up and some are missing.

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has anyone heard of the FEMA camp conspiracy? In connection I saw this commercial and got a little freaked out by it.

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Yeah, the whole Fema overthrow of the government conspiracy thing has been around for awhile too. It’s interesting but I don’t know how credible it is.

I also just remembered the whole, we never landed on the moon conspiracy. Though I think thats ridiculous.

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There are also people who think the United States let Japan “suprise” attack us at pearl harbor so that we could enter the war, I wouldn’t be suprised if this is true, but considering the logic of “hey lets allow our entire pacific fleet to get fucked up so we can go to war”.it doesn’t make much sense. And for the Japanese who knew they would eventually be dragged into a war with the Americans eventually, its a logical move.

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Oh, also the MIB (Men in Black) is based on a real conspiracy. But they are not as charasmatic as Will Smith, in fact some questioned their humaness i.e. some witnesses claimed they were unfamiliar with silverware or other common house hold items.

Also sorry for not putting all this into one post, it just comes to me as I keep adding conspiracies.

Theres also a black helicopter conspiracy, some people think it sprayed a cancer causing agent onto people, other claim they mutilate cows, no one is really sure but weird stuff happens when unmarked black helicopters show up in your neighborhood.

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There are a lot of conspiracies involving the CIA, one I find interesting is the project MK-Ultra where the CIA was testing mind controling drugs on the general population. This drug is known today as LSD or Acid.

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@LKidKyle1985 I was reading at least one account where a person being interviewed by them saw that when one agent sat down, his pants leg rode up and they could see some kind of wire and circuitry attached to him.

FEMA has been in many conspiracy theories because, according to what I’ve read, they have the power to declare a national emergency and lay down martial law. This was big when the avian virus first started going around. I’d be a bit surprised if it hasn’t re-surfaced because of H1N1.

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@mrentropy yeah it is definitaly one of the more bizarre conspiracies, what is really interesting about that one is the MIW (Men in White) who seem to be the anti MIB. But yeah all kinds of weird stories like that, and especially how they refused to take off their glasses no matter how dark it was inside or out.

There was also this one conspiracy about the U.S. government (CIA) taking people to other countries to interrogate them outside of the protection of the constition, and then falsifying intelligence information so that the Executive branch could convince the congress to go to war with Iraq. This however is no longer a conspiracy because it was proven true.

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If you are interested in conspiracy theories check out this website:

Black Vault

The guy who started it used the Freedom of Information act to obtain government papers on UFOs (to start and then all sorts of things). They would arrive with very odd things written in them. But even better is when they would arrive with huge bits blacked out right when the report was getting interesting. He has the reports scanned in so you can see them.

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This isn’t a conspiracy theory but the Men In Black also remind me of the “agents” from the Matrix. Which I think is a good way to describe them, except no super fighting abilities and they don’t morph into them selves from other peoples bodies. (that we know of)

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here’s a theory:

the government comes up with conspiracy theories to throw you off the trail. hello….x-files? c’mon.

my current theory is that i’m too sexy for this hat.

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@eponymoushipster Shirt dear, it’s ‘I’m too sexy for this shirt’

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@saraaaaaa shirt’s gone, lady. it’s just a hat, some black socks and a smile. how’s that for a theory!?~

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@eponymoushipster if thats truly what you are wearing right now, then that my dear is more than a theory, it is the cold hard truth!

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@saraaaaaa wouldn’t you love to know….

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@eponymoushipster I admit I am a little intrigued. lol.

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personally, I’M too sexy for milan new york and japan. dunno about you guys..

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@deni im too sexy for my cat. oh pussy pussy cat. what you think about that?

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@eponymoushipster i cant compete with that, obviously!

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see, my theory is that if you mention a certain right said fred song in a thread, everyone will know the words.~

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i’m ashamed, embarassed, etc

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Don’t forget the Kennedy assassination conspiracy theories – weren’t the Mafia and the FBI working together on that, with a help from LBJ?

And didn’t Marilyn Monroe die of a faked suicide because of her affair with JFK?

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Oh, and the gulf of tonkin.

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FDR knew we were going to be attacked at Pearl Harbor, and let it happen to prepare the nation for war.
JFK was killed by the CIA.
Cobain was killed by his wife.

on the other hand:

the whole Zeitgeist thing is bullshit
RFK was killed by Sirhan Sirhan, lone assassin.
I don’t believe in the Illuminarti, or whatever they are called.

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H1N1 is a genetically engineered virus created by the Romulans. They came to Mexico in a clocked vessel. But then the Vulcans intervened and applied some hotfixes making sure the damned thing doesn’t kill all people right away. Now the Sphere Builders are outraged and the Suliban Cabal fear we are on the brink of another Temporal Cold War. Earl grey tea, anyone?

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Ohhh yeah, better run out and get that h1n1 vaccine!

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They’re all alive, hiding somewhere, making music together. Elvis, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin Kurt Cobain, Michael Jackson, Tupac, Biggie, John Lennon, the REAL Paul McCartney, etc.

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@cbloom8 what a WILD little colony that would be!

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A fun indie movie for conspiracy theorists: Bubba Hotep

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(blatantly ignores the thread and just answers the question)

I believe conspiracy theories are largely in the same ball park as scary campfire stories, alternative medicine, creationism, horoscopes and mythology. Most of it is utter baloney, and some of it could theoretically be true but is believed for all the wrong reasons and with much more conviction than is justified.

I’m generally willing to listen to any particular story, and some of them I find positively fascinating (I was positively amazed how well the Flat Earth Society worked out every detail) but I haven’t come across any that was actually plausible.

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Man I would go to that Colony. Bet they wouldn’t get on though…i mean can you really see Lennon, Elvis, Jackson and Tupac being best buds?

Anywho back to the subject, thanks for the responses has made for an interesting read.

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@Fyrius – I mostly agree with you. I would add they are also meant to fill spiritual voids. There are some (small) branches of alternative medicine worth of scientific investigation, but most are just an elegant means to make the placebo effect work. The placebo effect itself is real and there’s plenty of empirical data to prove this. When looking at cause and effect, the issue is about the cause. So instead of rosary beads or red pills of sugar, the cause resides somewhere in the human brain.

@deni. Yes, better run out and get that h1n1 vaccine. It’ll be available in Germany end of this month. But do you know who’s really behind all this making a great profit? The Ferengi. They gave companies like Protein Sciences and others replicator technology in exchange for 95% of the profit. Well, we all know they drive a hard bargain. And who wants to raise all the chickens laying millions of eggs?

I like conspiracy theories as a subject for entertainment. Watching X-Files is fun, but most in it is fantasy, not science fiction.

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I think conspiracy theory threads like this are just a government conspiracy to convince us that conspiracies don’t exist. So there.

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medical professionals are warning that the vaccine released in germany is not suitable for children, as it contains enhancers that make it potentially damaging for children.
even the bundeswehr has ordered the US vaccine for its soldiers, which does not contain the additives.

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@ragingloli – Yes, I heard this too. There was a special report on radio (B5 Aktuell) recently. The reason for Bundeswehr’s decision is simple: many soldiers get numerous other vaccinations at the same time, especially those going abroad. Using the one without the enhancers is simply meant to reduce the stress on the body dealing with multiple vaccinations. If the H1N1 vaccine is the only one it doesn’t matter. Children are always a special issue and so are pregnant women.

I find it greatly irresponsible to exaggerate the risks. There are far more benefits. In most cases the enhancers are beneficial. We need to keep risks in perspective. I’ve said this in the other thread:

The Spanish flu in 1918 was caused by the H1N1 type of influenza virus. Suppose humanity had had the technology to make a proper diagnosis in 1917 and identify the virus and its DNA. Suppose the potential of this virus would have been known. Suppose large scale vaccinations had begun in late 1917. Fewer hosts spreading the virus means lower chances of even more dangerous mutations. Some 50 million to 100 million people worldwide in 1918 and 1919 might not have been killed. But maybe this imagined alternative history is different. People warned that there’s no telling what the side effects (months down the road) could be and most people refused to get vaccinated in 1917.

So let’s keep things in perspective.

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“There are some (small) branches of alternative medicine worth of scientific investigation”
Yes. And until this has been done, until they have been investigated and proven to be at least plausible, they should not be practised.

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I want to know why this question was closed to new answers and all existing answers deleted…

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Ive got to say them all seem like nonsense to me. Yes they pretty much all have slivers of truth, but really, u’d have to be pretty desperate to believe them.

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Paul McCartney really is dead.

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Was Iran contra a conspiracy? Was the delivering of diseased blankets to Native American tribes a conspiracy? How about when companies price fix..isn’t that a conspiracy? Why is it so hard for people to believe that conspiracies occur and to recognize that one of the reasons they are successful in playing out is because the people who suggest there might be a conspiracy are dismissed and laughed off the planet by everyone else.
Is it a conspiracy when a drug company uses the FDA so that you can no longer get Armour thyroid in this country and they literally shut down the manufacture of it by coercion so that only synthetic meds remain? That happened recently in history. Was it a conspiracy when cigarette companies added nicotine to cigarettes in order to facilitate addiction to their product? Does it come as a surprise to know that other corporations do similar things with their products? Where does conpiracy begin and end. Must it only be political or is it now so woven into the fabric of our society that like a bad smell after 5 minutes we are immune to it…habituated to it?

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@Joybird Evidently the word “conspiracy” means “fake.” I don’t think it’s supposed to.

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“Why is it so hard for people to believe that conspiracies occur and to recognize that one of the reasons they are successful in playing out is because the people who suggest there might be a conspiracy are dismissed and laughed off the planet by everyone else.”
If this is true, it’s not so hard to understand why.
People have a way of getting very biased once they become convinced there is a conspiracy. Other people, who know about that risk, become very biased against conspiracy theories instead. It’s called confirmation bias and the fallacy fallacy, respectively.
Our human brains often think in shorthand. So if you want to call attention to a conspiracy theory that’s actually decently plausible and properly supported by the evidence, you’ll have to go out of your way to avoid triggering the short-cut from “conspiracy theory” to “lunatics”.

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I recently overheard someone say that they think that jet planes flying overhead is a conspiracy to release chemicals into that the air. For this to be true, most governments in the world, most airlines, and every aircraft mechanic in the world would have to be in on it.

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@HungryGuy That person had it wrong. It’s not all planes and it’s a certain kind of contrail. When that one started, it was specifically about contrails that dropped white thread looking things on the ground.

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Little white threads, eh? Just hire some dragon riders from Pern to deal with it…

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