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How long does it take for a dog to die from chocolate poisoning once he starts showing signs?

Asked by MerMaidBlu (416points) October 8th, 2009

My dog is twenty three pounds and chewed through a plastic box of cookies with about a dozen chocolate hershey kisses. That was about 72 hours ago. Last night he seemed to be shaking uncontrollably almost like he was cold, ended up urinating a huge puddle on the floor-shaking stopped- and nothing has happened since, he has been barking at loud noises a little bit more frequently than usual but he started calming down last night. His food and water intake hasn’t changed and he never had any stomach issues (diarrhea,k vomiting, etc.) or any extra bursts of energy like I would have expected from eating the chocolate. Does he have a bladder infection, chocolate poisoning, or something else?

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Erm… I assume you’ve taken him to the vet?!?!

You’re concerned about your dog dying and you’re asking strangers on the internet instead of a professional?

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Yeah…Your poor pupster need to see a vet. Take him now.

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CALL your local emergency vet. Tell them what happened and they can guide you through what needs to be done. It is possible that the dog threw up the chocolates somewhere in your yard but he could be in misery and heading toward a slow agonizing decline.

The call is FREE.
They will ask questions and determine if your dog is suffering and needs treatment.

Please do it and let us know what happens

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He’s not dying, but is suffering. You need to drive him to the local animal ER NOW!

He may have plastic entwined in his intestine. Would you like to suffer through that?!

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Yeah you really need to talk to a vet.
Hershey’s kisses is mostly a milk chocolate, so usually they have to consume almost their entire body weight in chocolate. It’s much less for stuff like baker’s chocolate though. I highly doubt your 23 lb dog is going to die from eating 12 milk chocolate kisses. Expect at least a few days for the active ingredient, theobromine, I think, to leave his body. If you can’t reach your vet, make your dog barf it up with hydrogen peroxide.

But seriously take the mutt to the vet asap!

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It takes a lot of milk chocolate to kill a dog. The thing to be afraid of is if a dog gets into a large amount of high-cacao-percentage baking chocolate, like 70% Valrhona reves, or something of that sort. Your dog seems to be over the crisis.

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Let your local VET answer these questions for you while they are examining your poor dog!! PLEASE! Don’t let him suffer while we all guess at the what ifs. The poor thing is suffering.

@SpatzieLover has a good point!

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There are 24 hour pet hospitals. No responsible owner would stand around and wonder how long it will take their pet to die. That’s horrible.

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He could probably use a stomach pump. But come on, guys, if MerMaidBlu hasn’t already taken the dog to a vet it’s likely for 1 of 2 reasons: either because he/she can’t afford to, or because he/she doesn’t care enough about the dog to keep it from being in pain and dying from human stupidity in allowing it to consume chocolate in the first place. Either way, the long-term solution to the problem would be: find a better owner to take the dog in.

Edit: from this question I see you are a new dog owner. So I’ll modify my earlier harshness with: please try to step it up quite a bit, or seriously, find someone else who is better suited and prepared to have a dog. It’s just not fair to him to have to suffer with you as an ignorant owner unless you take responsibility for his well-being and correct your ignorance. The level of knowledge you currently display about dogs is simply not sufficient for him to be able to live a happy and healthy life.

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