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Do you eat out a lot?

Asked by steelerspilot (180points) October 8th, 2009 from iPhone

Do you eat out often even in when money is scarce? How often do you eat out? I was wondering about this.

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Yes. Several times a week. Total waste of money.

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inb4 eponymoushipster’s inevitable sarcastic response

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I eat out a lot, but I rarely pay. This time of the year I am at political fundraisers or banquets 3–4 times a week. Free fancy dinners (well, paid for by the campaigns I work for).

It’s nice.

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I used to eat out around 4 days a week, but around 2 months ago I quit eating out at all. It’s surprising how much more money I have.

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Yes I do eat outside at the park
Not all the time, though

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Yes, but at the expense of my parents.

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I don’t eat out as much as I used to, but I feel obligated to keep people working, especially at my favorite places. If everyone stops eating out, places close. Lots of college students depend on restaurant work to stay in school.

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Eating out is cool. Saturday is my birthday and tomorrow night I am going out to a very fancy dinner. I have a reason to go out

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Nope. Gots to watch my dinero, and, plus, I’m a fabulous cook, so, there’s no need.

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A lot. Way too much. If we eat one home cooked meal a day we’re doing good. I do not cook, and my wife is busy. I’ve lived most of my life this way. I have a big food budget, but I am frugal in other ways.

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I am a fabulous cook also. I do eat out, but I like eating out.

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Not too often. I take my kids out to lunch about twice a month in the summer, but rarely during the school year. The kid-friendly places are too crowded on weekends.

My husband and I go out to dinner every couple of months or so, either for special occasions or just for the heck of it. We like to go to really nice restaurants, so spacing out those dinners makes it less of a budget drain. I’d rather go out rarely for excellent food than go out weekly for a dinner that’s not as good as something I’d cook at home. I absolutely love going out to eat. Dinner at home for us is usually a loud affair, spiced up with spilled milk and arguments over who gets to sit next to Daddy. There are a lot of laughs, too, but getting away for an evening does wonders for my outlook on life. The martinis probably help too.

One of the perks of my husband’s decorative painting business is that he is often hired by restaurants. They don’t always have a budget to fit what they want, so he’ll work with them and agree to take part of the payment in gift certificates. We’ve eaten “free” so many times that way. :) In fact, we’re going out to eat this weekend at an incredible restaurant where we can use up his tab while we admire his work.

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Every monday night, I go to a mexican fast food restaurant called MaƱana’s. I spend $6.58 on a Medium drink and a California Burrito (Carne asada, potatoes [sometimes fries, sometimes potato chunks], cheese and sour cream).

Aside from that, I’d say I maybe go to a real restaurant once every 3 months, and to another fast food restaurant every 3 weeks.

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Yeah, pretty much. I love eating out. Sometimes I just decide to go to a random restaurant to try it out. I haven’t been anywhere that was bad; every place had at least something I would get again.

We always ate out a lot at restaurants when I was growing up and I always ate out with my friends a lot (in this case, not necessarily restaurants, sometimes just Taco Bell…haha) throughout high school and middle school, so I got used to it.

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Dang That sounds unheathly. Sounds Interesting and is cheap, but sounds and probably is unheathly. I am a very heathly person. Sarcasm, it may be good, but look it up and tell me how many calories and how much fat it is

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Several times per week – mostly for convenience when I am unable to eat at home. Socially, maybe two or three times per month.

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“Right. Your mom rang. Then Liz rang about you guys eating out tonight and then your mom rang back to see if I’d her out tonight.”

sorry that was the first thing that came to mind, lol.

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Nope, we hardly ever eat out, and never have. I don’t like restaurant food. We do go to a buffet for birthdays several times a year.

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Partly because I am a poor student, partly because I can cook (anyone want some cranberry orange muffins?), partly because I don’t care.

(I’ve gotten to the point where cheese and crackers, or a bowl of cereal, is good for dinner. It’s easy and filling and yummy. Later, when I get the nibbles, I have a piece of fruit or some yogurt.)

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Hardly ever. It just costs too much when you have three children to feed. Plus, my home cooked meals are much better than Taco Smell and Crapplebees.

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I eat out constantly. It’s in my blood as a foodie and restaurant professional.

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