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Has anyone ever been to an energy healer/Herbalist?

Asked by windex (2932points) October 8th, 2009

ok…Someone please tell me that I’m not going crazy.
Just came back from an energy healer/herbalist.
I didn’t have any pain or anything, that’s not why I went. I’ve found out that as I grow older, instead of finding answers, I’m more confused. So I just went there out of curiosity, looking for an answer or something (maybe the meaning of life)
He gave me Prolamine Iodine, B6 Niacinamide, Selenium, something called Liver Build III and Liver T.C. (childs)
with some do’s and don’t and when to take what, and told me that because of being a vegan, the Soy I’m consuming is effcting my Thyroid.
He had me hold up my right hand and pushed down on it, then put the Prolamine and Iodine and the B6 Niacinamide under my other hand (palm) and pushed down on my right hand again, and this time I could not push up.
I asked my roomate to do the same thing while putting something else under my other hand to see if it’s some sort of trick. but it’s not. WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?
Am i going crazy? can someone please tell me the meaning of life already?
I also got a few photocopies or articles about Fluoride, and Soy and got a copy of “economic Solutions by Peter Kershaw” because I said/asked why I’m there (I’m looking for an answer! is the world all about good vs. evil, and should I just give up if there are some “families”/societies controlling the world…)

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Sounds like he did some muscle testing on you. Look up NET (Neuro emotional techniques), Applied Kineseology or Bodytalk. These techniques use muscle testing to determine physical or emotional issues in your body. Many chiropractors and other healers use these techniques to determine problem areas.

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Why would look for the meaning of life from a health care professional? Consider instead a spiritual adviser or a therapist.

As to the health stuff, it sounds like you got some information you can use. Please do read about soy and thyroid. You might consider having your thyroid function tested by an MD. You may need medication.

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Medication is not always the answer to thyroid problems. Once you go on it you can never go off. Try out all other options before you go to that. Naturopaths are great at helping with thyroid problems with diet and supplements. I have Hashimoto and I have never had to take the medication, I maintain my levels with diet and supplements. Never trust the doctors who automatically write you a script.

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@jqlyn That is interesting. What kind of supplements?

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I’m on a gluten-free diet. I take cod liver oil, and some other combinations of supplements. I suggest you talk to a Naturopath about what they would suggest for you. They have helped me so much. I am no longer tired all the time and can focus on my life again.

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Yes, I have been to one of these guys, and I still take these kinds of herbs. Do you take them? Is anything different?

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I just got back from my herbalist, and I got the same herbs you did and the same test you got.
You’re on the right track, research what he/she gave you. It’s great stuff for your body. I have hypothyroidism and hope to heal it.
Let me know what your results are.

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