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How do you cheer back up after reading a dark, depressing story?

Asked by ubersiren (15140points) October 8th, 2009

I’d like to get a story I just read out of my mind before bed. I should’ve stopped reading once I knew what it was about (child abuse) but now I’m really upset. Is there a funny or uplifting video, picture or story that you go to regularly to cheer up? I’ll take any recommendations. :(

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I fluther.

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look up afro ninja on you tube. that or watch an episode of tosh.0

i happen to like sad stories though so i cant really say anything.

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…...go to youtube and listen/watch a bit of Jon Stewart and Colbert….................... HURRY!

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@holden : Great, now I’m all pissed because the camera person is totally neglecting the other cute kitty. Just kidding… that worked a little, thanks. :)

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What book are you reading?

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@holden : I read an online article. It’s a true sad story. I’m rather upset about it. I’m very sensitive when it comes to stories like these. I don’t know that you want details, but it doesn’t end well.

Edit: Actually, I saw a video article and it disturbed me so much that I looked online in hopes that I could debunk it as made up. Instead, it confirmed the story and now I’m all sobby and can’t get it out of my head. I should’ve just stopped watching the vid and left it alone. I’m such an idiot. No more!

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I can only offer the consolation that many abused children grow up to be wonderful, happy adults.

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Thanks everyone. Kittens and babies- I should’ve remembered the obvious. I think I’ll go sneak into my son’s room and kiss him a whole lot.

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@ubersiren Aww that sounds like a good idea :)

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Well, I usually play with my Hissers, but since you probably don’t have any bugs to cheer you up, I’d probably suggest going to or YouTube and type in funny.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra you beat me to it, LOLcats

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You can remind yourself that your life isn’t that bad.

If the abuse is over for the person in the story you can remind yourself of that. Even though some horrific things sometimes happen to good people, people are pretty damned resilient.

I find that trying to distract myself from bad things just makes them more present. But you can balance things in your head. There’s a lot of bad in the world, but there’s a lot of good, too. Somewhere in the world a child is falling asleep safely after being read a bedtime story and being tucked in. They’ll wake up to a loving family and a healthy breakfast. That’s just not the stories we tend to see highlighted.

Sleep well and wake up to make the world a better place.

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Watching some good old fashioned situation comedy ^^

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These two pictures always put me in a better mood.

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@deni : Bwahahaha… droppin’ vagina panties hahahaha!!! Ok, that brought me back. I guess I’m shallow. “You can drink that sh*t and it ain’t butter!”

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I read a funny one

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When I’m sad or down I Google Image: Puppy. Warms my heart instantly <3 – LB

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@ubersiren the red bull…thats really for me, i aint gonna front, i be kinda tired in the mornings…

I LOVE THAT PART and that entire video. so good, lol. i’m glad it helped :)

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listen to the beach boys

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