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Did you see Zombieland? Did it make you crave Twinkies?

Asked by SuperMouse (30837points) October 9th, 2009

My man and I saw Zombieland this afternoon and now that my stomach is grumbling and I’m wondering what is for dinner, I would really, really like a Twinkie or two. Did the movie have this effect on you? Has any movie made you crave a certain delicacy?

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There is a movie that makes me hungry every time I watch it.
It is called “Lakota Woman”. And there is a woman I identify with in the movie. She gets out of jail and goes home after being assaulted. And her mom feeds her. The way she eats her food is just glorious. It makes me feel like eating the same way.

Never seen Zombieland however so can’t answer about the twinkies.

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No, but I sure wanted some sno-balls!! =)

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It made me hungry for twinkies because I’m a hoss and it doesn’t take much to make me hungry for anything.

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this has nothing to do with the question, but the kid in that movie is the pepsi girls older brother…..shes my friend and graduating with me…just thought id put that out there….i love bragging about that….ima cheeseball

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@jamzzy haha aw, i always liked that girl because she was cute and looked like me when i was tha age lol

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No but it made me want to watch Ghost Busters! lol
Zombieland was GREAT!

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Everything makes me crave twinkies…but then I have never tried one

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory makes me crave chocolate and gobstoppers! – LB

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@ElleBee It made me want to lick walls, hehe

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@RedPowerLady My grandparents had wallpaper that was striped with fruit patterns on it. My cousins and I spent about 5 hours trying to find ‘flavor spots’ on the walls when we were younger.

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@mramsey Oh, you’re about to learn “who you gonna call”

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yeah after i saw the movies i want out to go buy some Twinkies there really good

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