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Fluther-related: Does this annoy the heck out of anyone else?

Asked by Fyrius (14530points) October 9th, 2009

When you’re replying to a question and there’s someone else trying to make up their mind whether to post anything or not, and meanwhile your text box is shooting up and down all the time as they fill and empty their own text boxes. While you’re trying to write.

All right, this isn’t really a question. Instead, this is a request for whom it may concern to cut it out. It’s annoying. Either post or don’t.

Thank you.

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That’s actually a glitch, I believe. Bendrim was on it, last I heard.

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Come on everyone cut that out

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They are not filling and emptying their text boxes. I think it happens when they pause in typing. It’s a consequence of something in the interface. And yes, it bugs the heck out of me.

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You’re right.
It can seem like you are suddenly in some ‘targeting’ game.

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Oh, and yeah. It’s annoying. Particularly when I want to hit “sumbit” and some dickclown is making it shoot up and down and I’m stuck there trying to catch the damn thing.


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Nobody is doing it on purpose. It’s a bug. A bug.

We are not dickclowns.

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Poor founders. Here we go again…

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The composing boxes flash on and off for me all the time too. Sometimes I get interrupted (like just now when my kid got out of bed) so even a short post like this one seems to take forever. :(

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to be honest I do that on purpose sometimes
It’s quite amusing
Especially if someone is waiting for an answer

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ok ok…. I’ll quit.

I was just havin a little fun with y’all.

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Nobody but PretentiousArtist is doing it on purpose.

And jonsblond.

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Fyrius is doing it right now

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Ah. Thanks for informing me.
In that case I can only turn to the powers that be and ask them to fix it, pretty please.

No he isn’t.

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@petethepothead put the pipe down and answer the darn question!

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Dogs can’t wear suits. Get out of here

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I am a golden retriever in a suit. Your argument is invalid.

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One idea for a quick solution: make the ”[user] is crafting a response” appear below the text field.

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How do you know it’s a dog wearing a suit and not a man with a dog’s head?

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it is not a bug
it is an undocumented feature

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It’s a glitch, it’s very annoying, and I’ve taken to writing most of my answers on MS notepad or word, just so I don’t have to deal with it. Maybe if we all build altars and offer burnt sacrifices to the founders they’ll fix it.

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<——Stacking wood for the sacrificial bonfire.
Eh- Whom are we going to sacrifice?

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@Dog looks like a 10k party is in store for you this evening. =)

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golden retriever, get out of that suit

you can’t even talk, you’re a dog

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It fits perfectly, though.

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I hate it when I’m typing an answer and just as I’m about to hit “submit,” the box jumps and I accidentally hit the link to the next question, thereby deleting my answer I worked so hard to write. Ugghg!

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Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C are your friends.

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@laureth: You can hit the ‘back’ button in your browser (or hit backspace) and your answer will usually still be there.

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What do those do? I know ^C copies…

The back button has never worked for me on Fluther, more’s the pity.

(I mean, yes, it goes back, but my answer isn’t there. I’ve tried.)

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It does need to be fixed but I’m gonna kind of miss the seizures. . .

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@jonsblond Don’t be too sure :) I think I am max lurve. It is great to be lurved!

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Pissy pissy! Some of us don’t have the liberty to give fluther our full attention, some of us fluther on the sly and have to blip in and out but really enjoy participating. So there.

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@Fyrius, are you related to the guy in the Daft Punk video???

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I thought maybe Fyrius was related to Lives of the Monster Dogs.

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Reminds me of a Steven Wright joke:

“There’s a light switch in my house that doesn’t do anything…doesn’t turn on any lights. Every once in a while I flick it up and down just for fun. The other day I received a letter from a woman in Germany telling me to cut it out.”

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It’s only happening to you.

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@cprevite that’s my favorite Stephen Wright joke; and I do have a light switch like that. Still no letter from anyone in Germany, though.

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Bendrim®. Now available by prescription. Talk to your doctor and see if Bendrim® is right fot you.

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@aprilsimnel my erection’s lasted longer than four hours! why didn’t you warn me?!~

aprilsimnel's avatar

The instructions clearly state to take only one tab in a 48-hour period. Now, you take more (or with a jelly doughnut), then that’s your lookout, mate!~

eponymoushipster's avatar

@aprilsimnel looks like plank is walking me!~

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@laureth That used to happen to me, but it seems like ever since I started using Firefox instead of Internet Explorer, I can click the back button and my answer is still there.

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They’re select all and copy. It’s a good way to backup whatever you were typing onto the clipboard.

That’s my cousin Darius. He’s not as edumacted as I am. He doesn’t have glasses and a tie.

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Thanks! I’ll have to try that.

As for Firefox, it doesn’t play nice with my computer. I use Chrome at the moment.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra Freaky new avatar!!

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It is extremely annoying.

Makes me wonder what the point is. Do we really need to know who is composing an answer right now?

Maybe they could put a list in the sidebar, where it wouldn’t affect the landscape here. They do it for chat, so it seems like there must be the proper programming just lying around somewhere.

It could one of those floating sidebar thingies that always is in the middle of the sidebar, no matter whether you scroll up or down.

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It is pretty annoying… but on occasion i´ve found myself pondering my answer before finishing so i can´t complain… glass houses and all.

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Whoa, I just noticed there’s a jonsblonde and a blondesjon.

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