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Does madame butterfly always start with the national anthem?

Asked by phillygal (24points) October 10th, 2009

i want to know if at the beginning of this opera, the orchestra always plays the national anthem and the audience sings it?

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[edit]: You are right. The anthem was a navy song before, and is a part of the opera.

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saw a production last night, that had the orchestra play the US national anthem and the entire audience sing it. there are portions of the anthem in the music of the opera

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The Star Spangled Banner is a part of the opera, though not necessarily always in the introduction. The tune of the hymn is derived from an old British drinking song.

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A few bars of the Star Spangled banner are part of the theme of Pinkerton but the whole anthem is not a part of then opera and the audience definitely do not sing it anywhere apart from in the US.

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If it was performed in, say, North Korea or China, then the national anthem would be a likely introduction. But then again, it would be a different anthem likely.

Otherwise, I have to concur with previous posters.

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I have seen the opera performed a number of times by different companies and have not ever seen that occur. It is true that a few bars are incorporated into the score as a theme associated with the American officer, Pinkerton, but the only singing is done onstage.

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