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Webpage isn't looking the same in Internet Explorer as it does in Firefox?

Asked by kvnkm (1points) October 10th, 2009

I am currently building a new personal blog. The webpage looks fine in Firefox and Safari, but when i test it out on an Internet Explorer, the font is MUCH larger than it’s supposed to be. Why is this? How can i fix it?
I’m currently using the latest version of Wordpress with the DePo Skinny theme (customized a bit). My site is at
Thank you in advance.

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@pdworkin actually if i remember the statistics correctly i think about 18% of internet users are on IE6, so IE is still around. Even though no one should be using it, people still do.

People who matter use FF, Safari or Opera.

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@pdworkin Doesnt matter if they know what fonts are what, they still use IE. so your ” one uses IE” claim is quite wrong. end of story.

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@all heeeyyyy :( I use IE

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I am an amazing dude, baby!

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IE interprets markup and css differently. you need to write an adapted css file for IE and implement a browser switch in php (that detects the used browser and loads the adapted css file instead of the default one)

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IE should be banned

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Let me go ahead and say this. I apologize, @kvnkim for that hijack.

Good news is, your website has huge font for me too in IE, so it’s not just a problem with your own computer. Bad news is.. your website has huge font for me too in IE.
More good news is, rewording what @pdworkin probably MEANT to say: Don’t worry, no one important uses IE. except @XOIIO

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im on chrome and the font looks just fine.

Everyone should just download chrome

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Eggs Ackley. Will you be my editor, @Sarcasm?

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The feature on the main question page (not in a thread), showing that somebody is writing in a question – with that pen symbol in the corner – renders a bit off for me (firefox 3).

It seems no one else has this problem though. So I don’t know if it’s local; something I’ve done with scripts.

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I see no rendering problems in FF. It’s a nice, clean, inviting look.

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I still use Netscape. Never liked IE.

As Netscape gets hung up more and more I tend to use Firefox more and more.

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@oratio The same happens to me, so I wouldn’t worry about it.
@wenn What IE version? please be a little more specific if you want real help. IE is a shitfest and I don’t want to get my hands dirty if you don’t bother to supply some basic info. A common font issue with IE is hidden on this page, and I quote:

Simply put, IE for Windows’ relative font size inheritance cascade is broken. The simplest workaround is to not use relative sizes, such as using keywords instead, except on base level containers. If you find it necessary to size through cascade, you’ll find % works more reliably than ems. If you prefer using ems to %, then at least set the initial size using % instead, thus: html {font-size: 100.01%;} or body {font-size: 100.01%;} . This eliminates most size inheritance errors. Using 100.01% instead of 100% avoids size inheritance bugs in some ancient versions of Opera.

I have never encountered this bug before, but you might want to give it a try.

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[Mod says]: Please keep to topic folks.
Off topic posts and personal remarks have been removed.

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@markyy Oh. Good to know.

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Here is a picture.

Everything seems fine but the <p> tag.

Start there.

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To expand on what @ragingloli said, the browser switch doesn’t have to be done in PHP, I believe you can do it in JavaScript as well. Obviously, it wouldn’t work for browsers with JavaScript disabled, but I think that’s a very small fraction.

Maybe looking at the W3C Validator to check your mark-up is a good step towards consistent structure, which might help.

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When I was doing freelance web design, fixing problems in IE were a major headache. Unfortunately, most corporations insist that their employees use IE, either by now allowing other browsers or by using proprietary software that relies on IE.

It’s possible to fix pages to look good in most browsers, but it’s pretty technical and you have know what specific functions IE has problems with.

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