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Stretching outside of knee?

Asked by SoccerLover (1points) October 10th, 2009

I’ve been playing soccer for the past four or five months every single day, alot more then I’m used to. At the beginning of our training during the summer when I was pulling the back of my leg up to stretch my quad I hear a pop and ignored it. A couple days after I got this terrible pain in my knee where I could hardly walk or move it. But I went running and I felt alot better. I get these bad pains every once in a while. But now my knee pops all the time when Im stretching, and when I stretch it I have this bad pain in my thigh. Can anyone give me an answer for how to fix this, or stretch it?

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I dont think it is really possible to stretch your outside knee. Is it a sharp poking pain or does it just feels like it will give out

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@lanahopple It normally feels like it will give out

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Ya i have had that a bunch. How long has it been hurting for?

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Uh on and off for atleast 3 months

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I tore the meniscus in my knee and heard a popping sound when it happened. I wonder if you could have done the same thing. Your symptoms sound similar to what I experienced.

Have you seen a doctor about this yet? You might want to get an x ray, and possibly an MRI to see what’s going on if your symptoms continue. I had pain in my knee for several months before I gave in and scheduled an appointment with an orthopaedic surgeon. Is there any swelling? My doctor told me to ice it frequently to reduce the swelling and pain, and it helped quite a bit, both before and after my surgery.

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@scamp I haven’t had swelling, I thought it was a meniscus tear at first too, but my mom thinks I over-exagerate since I do get injured often. Did you have pain on and off? Because I only usually have mine after a really hard like sprinting and always on the ground type of practice.

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Yes, I had pain on and off for quit some time. I thought it was arthritis, because it seemed like it bothered me more when it was cold or rainy. I had swelling on the side of my kneecap, about the size of a golf ball, but it felt more like knotted up muscle to me. I had some days when it didn’t hurt at all, and some where I couldn’t put any weight on it without really bad pain. The doctor said I also had chondromalacia. I later had surgery to repair everything, and it is doing better . I hope you are able to figure out what is bothering you and feel better soon.

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A similar question was asked a while back—you might find some additional information there.

I hope it helps!

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