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What's the best WYSIWYG HTML editor?

Asked by webman1 (12points) January 30th, 2008

I am returning to try out web design again after a 7 year break, in web technology sales, and have been using Microsoft Expression & Dreamwaever to build my sites. Needless to say things have changed. I downloaded a free copy of “Rapid PHP 2007” which allowed me to validate my code through Wc3 and was amazed at how many errors there were. The validator says that many of the WYSIWYG programs, like the ones I mentioned, leave fouled up html code and it appears to be 100% correct. There’s no way I can write my own code on notepad or Word anytime soon so does anyone have a suggestion based on experience of a free or descently priced WYSIWG editor that writes clean code? Or any other suggestions?

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NVU, or the new version, Komposer

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Dreamweaver produces valid code. You may be building HTML 4 pages and trying to validate against XHTML.

Although, it really depends on the version of Dreamweaver you are using. MX 2004, 8, and CS3 all produce valid markup providing you know the rules of valid XHTML.

No offense at all, but if you don’t know those rules, then the editor you choose won’t help much. Use the validator to correct the issues.

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+1 for Nvu or Kompozer – Kompozer being not “the new version”, but a community maintained version that fixes bugs because the official version doesn’t seem to get updated that often.

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