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HELP!!! I was biting my fake nail and it cracked. What do I do?

Asked by wonderlander (14points) October 11th, 2009

It cracked so that there is a crack halfway through the middle of the nail.

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Is your real nail cracked? Or just the fake one.

If it’s a fake one, can’t you just superglue it back together? It’s plastic or something, yah?

Or just replace it with another of the same make/model of fake nail.

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@aphilotus Nails come in make/models? :)

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@wonderlander Was it a press on or those expensive, baked acrylic kind?

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why are women so obsessed with fake nails?
are your natural ones not good enough?
i personally hate women with fake, long, or even painted finger nails. it totally screams “slut”.

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@ragingloli Seriously? Slut?

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If it was an acrylic nail, I don’t know how you managed to gnaw on your finger hard enough. But unless your regular nail is cracked, just super glue it and paint them a solid color.

@ragingloli: Don’t jump into someones question just to judge others, it’s childish. No one cares what you think about women’s nails here. Offer something, or shut the hell up. Acrylic nails and other types of artificial nails have practical uses as well. I know someone who has no nail on her left ringer finger, for her wedding day she had an acrylic nail applied to mask it. Would you rather have the little slut have no nail on her ring finger?

Not to mention they can be used to aid someone in breaking their nail biting habits, and protect the nail bed from ripping or other damage from weak nails breaking which can be extremely painful.

I had mine done pretty regularly when I was 12–15, for those reasons. Does that make me a slut?

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@asmonet My mom had acrylics for a while, when she was trying to present a more clean-cut image while interviewing for administrative positions in her public school district. She was also using them to curb her nail-biting habits. Unfortunately, she is gifted with frightentingly strong jaws and teeth, and gnawed off serious chunks.

@ragingloli as @asmonet illustrated, it’s not always a completely useless or base concept. See the above content of my own comment for fairly justified uses. It can be used to retrain other habits as well, like the destructive tendencies of compulsive skin pickers.

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@Beta_Orionis: I chewed them too, and could pop acrylics off my own nails just to get down to the real nail to chew, I don’t do it anymore. But even then, I never managed to crack them – just ripped them off in whole pieces.

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@ragingloli Your feelings aren’t unwarranted. But it all depends on the style of nail. A short, “french manicure” is OK as opposed to the extremely long extremely colorful hood rat nonsense.

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Are your dentures OK?

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@asmonet Hmm… I wonder if we’re talking about the same acrylics. (the ones that are comprised of liquid acrylic mess, and nearly fused with the nail because they’re baked so much) and end up being ~.25” thick? If so, that’s intense! like camping You were quite determined!

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@Beta_Orionis: Haha, yeah we are. I was pretty determined. :P

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@asmonet I’ll say! Quite an understatement. :P

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thnx guys. i just freaked out. im trying to break the habit of biting them and i did it out of habit and it cracked. i got it replaced 2day. its all good!!!

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