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Has anyone read 'The Reluctant Fudementalist'(Read the Details)

Asked by Trance24 (3311points) October 11th, 2009

I have read, discussed, and wrote about the book; however, I am having problems writing about one subject in particular. This is the question I am to respond to(question 3, Nostalgia. Home. Memory….) Now mind you I am not asking you to do the work for me, in fact I already have a page and a half written. I am just having a hard time explaining myself. I understand the question, but still need further sources rather than the book on this subject. Do you have any input on the question, or any sources that could help me better understand and explain?

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> but still need further sources rather than the book on this subject

Why do you need further sources? The question is asking for your own thoughts and response. It does not sound like a research question to me.

I thought Erica was a deliberate echo of America (Am-erica) and was all interwoven with things he loved and things he lost in his life in the U.S. Does that help any for a start? (In the question, “yearing” should be “yearning.”)

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“The Reluctant Fundementalist” is a strange title, considering that Changez is not all that religous.

I have to disagree here. The fact that he isn’t religious is why he is a reluctant fundamentalist.

However, to get to the bit that you want help on: it would appear that there are a number of sources cited on the site, over to the left in blue type under the heading of Sites That May Help, such as Reluctant Fundamentalist, which cites a number of the reviews of the book and comments by others. Try checking those out.

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@Darwin I know those sources are there I have looked at them and used them. However they do not talk about Erica very must or her symbolism to the book. But I did finish the paper now, and think I did ok with it.

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I suspect your teacher wants you to come up with what you think Erica symbolizes.

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@Jeruba Without being familiar with this book or question, it is generally accepted in academic writing that even personal opinions and responses are based on evidence and/or the reasoning of others so the response is crafted with a good breadth of understanding and consideration of alternate points of view.

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