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Is it possible to hit someone in the mouth so hard it knocks out a tooth?

Asked by give_seek (1096points) October 11th, 2009

I’m doing some creative writing and wrote a scene where one fellow punches out another fellow’s tooth during a fight. It made me wonder . . . how likely is that and if it can actually happen, what would be the damage to the assailant’s hand?

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Have you ever watched the NHL? See the pugilists and their toothless smiles without their dentures..the answer is a definite yes.

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Yupp. I’ve done it (N.B.: not on purpose). It hurts. For both parties.

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However, the human mouth festers with bacteria. If you are cut on someone’s tooth, there is high risk for (a really bad, disgusting) infection. That is obviously not a good thing.

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Wonderful! Then my scene stands. Wouldn’t this break someone’s hand, though?

@Grisaille Love the infection twist. That will add a nice layer to the story (or a nasty one depending upon the perspective). Thanks!

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I lost a tooth falling off a skateboard. It is surprising easy.

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Yes – Although they are usually broken off and not actually completely knocked out root an all. Damage to the hand depends. If hitting someone on the side of their face, the jagged tooth would rip the inside of their cheek (and can even rip a hole in the cheek0. If no hole is ripped through the cheek, then the hand hitting the face gets a cushion from the risk of cutting their own hand. If hitting dead on, damage to the puncher’s hand is greater.

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Regarding breaking the hand… it depends on the force used. If you use a great deal of force, the person getting hit takes most of the impact in their head and neck, and your hand follows through without getting much damage. A slower punch wouldn’t convert as much energy to the other person, and would hurt their own hand worse. One can break fingers, “jamb” knuckles, and get cuts and abrasions from hitting someone else in the face. It is really all in the angle and the force applied.

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Moral of the story?

Go for the upwards monkey palm to the nose.

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@Grisaille Oooohhhh, that’s gotta hurt. That makes my butt pucker!!

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@juwhite1 That’s great information. Thank you.

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I got hit in the mouth with a softball this summer (not so soft) and it loosened my tooth but didn’t knock it out. I had a huge bruise that made it look like I had been in a fight.

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Sadly it is a lot easier than you might think… i had tooth marks on my knucles for about 3 months after the fact… it hurt like a bitch and i gave myself a profilactic antibiotic treatment… but i think the other guy got the wors of it.. his 4 front teeth are fake thanks to me. (This is not common behaviour for me… i´ve known the guy for 20 years… he agrees he had it coming. Sometimes you have to step in and defend a lady´s honor).

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I once had contact with a jaw and broke the bone in the hand connected to the little finger, it healed crooked and is still visibly bent, so you you can break the hand.

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Shoot… I lost a tooth during a hysterectomy! Just from the breathing tube. Granted, it was loose in the first place, but still. I’m certain a punch in the mouth could have your desired effect. Good luck with your writing!

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