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How do you cook italian sausage on a Forman grill?

Asked by google (36points) October 11th, 2009

Will the outside of the sausage burn before the inside is cooked all the way through? Would cutting the sausage in any particular way help? Anyone with first-hand experience? Much thanks.

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I have never cooked sausage on my forman. I have cooked hot dogs. They didn’t burn or anything. I cook burgers.

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dont deal that much with foreman, but cut the sausage lengthwise and place on grill. u should be good to go.

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If a burger cooks fine on the grill, why wouldn’t a sausage? Just put the thing on there, set the heat for medium-low, and grill it up. The outside may get a little crispy, but it shouldn’t burn. Unless you set the thing to “Nuke”. And don’t bother cutting it. You’ll lose all the juices that the casing holds inside.

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Don’t cook sausage on a Forman grill. Seriously

If you must cook it this way, then I would suggest precooking it. Boil it in a pan with some beer, a very light beer like a lager.

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Par boil the sausages first until they turn a grey-white color. Then grill them on medium-low heat.

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I just slice them in half lengthwise and then put them on. Most sausage is too thick to do without slicing. You can also slice diagonally and do that way, that is faster but more prep time.

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I haven’t done sausage on the foreman grill, but I would cut them in half lengthwise, put them on, cook as for chicken breast & then check for doneness.

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OK, I give. What’s the real punchline?

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The George Forman grill is too hot to do thicker sausages (Itallian, brats, etc). You have to do something to supplement the grilling. The fastest would be cooking them in the microwave. You could also get some great flavor by boiling them for 4–5 hours on high in a beer of your choice in a crock pot. Then drop them on the GF for a couple of minutes to put the nice char lines on the outside and crisp up the skin.

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