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What's the best resonable vacuum clearner?

Asked by landlord (6points) December 20th, 2006
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What do you mean by reasonable? If price, give us a range.
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I like the bagless kind.
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i have a shark. i like it.
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Price range - under $300, great suction, attachments, and quiet.
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Not a bagless vaccuum cleaner, but I have had an electolux for years and it is really good. They are expensive, but I just picked up a second one for $10 at a garage sale, and though as old as my original (over 35 years) it still does a great job.
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I've been very, very happy with the electrolux harmony canister vacuum. It does everything a vacuum needs to, comes with attachments, etc., and is also much quieter than most vacuums. They retail for around $200-300, but I got a refurbished one for quite a bit cheaper. There may be deals online. Whatever you get, it should have a HEPA filter, which traps virtually all particulates. Without one, you end up spraying dust around.

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