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What is a good way to deal with the post-vacation blues?

Asked by The_Compassionate_Heretic (14596points) October 11th, 2009

There’s always an adjustment period after returning from vacation.
If coming home gets you down, how do you get back up?

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A few possible ways really.

1. Do nothing. Just laze around at home till you get used to it. Surf the net, flop on the couch and have a drink while watching the TV, or just talk to friends. Settle back down into your routine.
2. You could also just take a short walk around your neighbourhood, talk to your neighbours and get in touch with your area again.
3. You could also just go out with friends or by yourself into the city/park.

Or you could just combine all those into one.

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A good meal
Do laundry
Get some rest

It’s always an awkward time for me to come home, the suitcase often stays completely unpacked for weeks, it’ll become a place to plop clean laundry or mail to be sorted.

Welcome back :D

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I make a screensaver out of the photos I took. I also like to look up the real estate for sale where I vacationed so I can imagine living the dream.

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Go on another vacation.

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Spend some time with friends.

Oh, and you could try going shopping. Always works for me. lol

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There ain’t no cure for the Summertime blues.

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Start planning the next vacation.

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It’s so weird; I get so used to vacations that I feel like I miss it really badly when I get back, so matter how small. I was in Tahoe for two days and I just got back and already I miss it looking at the photos and all that. :)

I just try to hang out with my friends more often and do similar things here that we did there.

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Keep repeating a mantra in your head: post-vacation blues will soon go away, post-vacation blues will soon go away, post-vacation blues will soon go away, ... and usually it will after 2–3 days.

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I find that loading the pictures on my computer and watching the slideshow helps. Also, scheduling so I don’t have to go back to work the very next day and can transition back into my daily life.

But it’s hard and the better the vacation, the harder it is.

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I try to find something to stay busy with to take my mind off it.

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I do exactly what @Dog does. I always bring home the homes for sale magazines and dream about moving there some day. Then I kick myself for not buying real estate 10 years ago because the prices have skyrocketed since then

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Sometimes I feel really down after a vacation but sometimes I feel pumped up; glad to get back into my own home, energized and happy to reconnect with friends.

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I’ll have to let you know if about two weeks. I’m currently two days into a two week trip away from home. Of course, for me there is no such thing as a vacation, but somehow, cooking a meal in our rented condo on the beach is a lot better than doing it at home.

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Oh man..I have been in the post vacation blah mode for two weeks now!

It sucks…never had it this bad before. hahaha

Spent two weeks In Taiwan, 80 degrees, awesome, home to cold, then, the time change, was just getting my bio rhythems back on track and NOW it’s daylights savings time…can’t go to sleep till midnight again…UGH!

This is the loooongest jet lag zone ever! hahahaha

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