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What's the name of that internet website/service that hosts university and college lectures recorded on video?

Asked by Bugabear (1712points) October 11th, 2009

I read about it in popular science a while back but lost that issue. I was wondering if the helpful people here on Fluther could help me.

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Could it be

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Open Yale Courses?

Other universities have open courses too, I think.

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There are many sites that link to hosted online courses from different universities. Two big ones are OCWConsortium and OCWFinder

This lifehacker article also provides more links and info on how to essentially get a free college education online.

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Open Courseware is what they call the service.
Here is a nice list of them, directing you to the universities’ own OCW websites. (Just scroll down to US or wherever)

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Is there any site out there that does recorded debates?

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Hm…I would think it depends on the University. We use our own platform of DSPACE and a module-based site using Plone.

I would also check

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Theodore Gray’s column in Popular Science, Gray Matter, has referenced in the past. The lectures are guest lectures, and not courses online.

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iTunes has a whole section of the store called iTunes U. They host a ton of free content from all kinds of universities, including Berkeley [sp].

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I know about TED talks and thats not what Im talking about. Thanks Fluther it’s the OCW. Lurve to everyone.

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Thank you so much for the reference to That is one of the most enjoyable sites I have visited in ages. I am telling all my friends.

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