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How would you determine whether to participate in biomedical/clinical research?

Asked by Cupcake (13239points) October 12th, 2009

Would you participate to get money?
Because a loved one suffered from the disease being studied?
Because you are an advocate for research?
Because you believe in the greater good?
Because of the cost/benefit ratio?
Because the disease is awful?
Because there don’t appear to be many side effects?
Because the University sponsoring the research is well regarded?
Because it has been well publicized?

What are your thoughts about such research?
Do you trust the investigators?
Would you be afraid they weren’t telling you everything?
Would you wonder if they were secretly injecting you with some unknown/unstudied/unsafe substance or disease?
What would you ask the investigators?

What are your thoughts?

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If it wasn’t too dangerous, I’d do it for the money.

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I have participated in research before. Two big reasons:

1. I had a problem. A possible cure was offered. It was worth a shot.
2. College student strapped for cash.

Peripheral reasons included (taking from your list of reasons): reputation of the clinic and advocation of research.

The investigators adhered to research standards, offering informed consent, privacy, the option to withdraw, and all that jazz – as a result, I trusted them. I asked them questions concerning the study and it’s effects… that’s about it. =)

Hope that helped.

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@Facade – what would be too dangerous to you? Would you try an investigational vaccine (HIV for example)? Eye drops? Skin lotion?

Would it depend on the money offered?

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Have done it for the money.

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@Cupcake It definitely depends on the money, but I can’t answer your other questions. It’s a case by case type of thing.

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I believe in research and I have sympathy for researchers who have trouble finding research subjects. Unfortunately, I usually can’t do it because it requires too much time.

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@daloon – time is definitely a limiting factor.

I support participating in clinical research and would like to participate at some point. However, since I have gotten married and plan on having more children, I will not be participating during my potential child-bearing years.

At some point, though, I am sure to design/implement/analyze clinical research and I am interested in what makes people participate or prevents their participation.

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I’m currently participating in a clinical research study because It’s another way I can contribute to society.

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