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Clinton = 232
Obama = 158

*Those numbers include superdelegates.

For a running tally check
With Edwards gone things should get interesting.

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Superdelegates are free to change their minds at any time; those estimates are a little bit soft. Clinton definitely holds the lead in superdelegates for now, but if her campaign starts going badly, those numbers could change very quickly.

Without superdelegates, the numbers so far are:
Clinton: 48
Obama: 63

(those totals don’t include Michigan or Florida delegates, who may or may not actually count.)

Delegates needed to win: 2,025.

Should be interesting.

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As Bob said, it’s hard to have an exact count if you include superdelegates, but the approximate count after Super Tuesday is:
Clinton: 1,033–1,076
Obama: 937–1,006

Sources: CNN and RealClearPolitics

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After Wisconsin and Hawaii voted on February 19:
Obama: 1,117–1,367
Clinton: 1,112–1,270

Despite the variance in accounting for delegates, Obama now leads Clinton, no matter how you slice it.

Sources: CNN, RealClearPolitics, ABC News, and The New York Times

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