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I need a good skin for my 2nd Gen. iPod Touch. Any suggestions?

Asked by Seth (302points) October 12th, 2009

I’d prefer if it cost somewhere in the vicinity of $10—$25. I also seem to prefer rubber or silicon, but I’m open to other stuff too. It needs to come with a screen protector also.

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I like the ClearShield from Agent 18.

It doesn’t bulk up the iPod, keeps it skinny looking. It also comes with a protective, matte-finish film for the screen.

Been using mine for many months now. Sturdy, easy to clean, works great.

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Are you talking about a skin or a case?

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This is my absolute favorite skin place:

They’re beautiful and removable. (I’ve had mine on my ipod for 2 years and it hasn’t accidentally fallen off, but I can still remove it if I want. :D)

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