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What are some of the best freeware games?

Asked by beatthelastboss (286points) October 12th, 2009

I have some very broad tastes, here are some of my favorites:

Cave Story





I wanna be the guy

And many more!

Not I am not looking for online flash crap, thanks!

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F.E.A.R Online It has great graphics and FPS reality but requires a pretty intense computer to play but its free. If your computer can’t handle it I would recommend Assault Cube as well.

And like you said “N” is a bad ass flash game.

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sent you a private message, beatthelastboss

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Future, Plants Vs. Zombies is not freeware, and it is illegal for you to send me a link to download it. Sorry.

P.S. Already have it as well, great game :D

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Enemy Territory

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Playing Cave Story right now, it seem bad ass. Thanks for recommending it.

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No problem Samurai! By the way, I was looking at this question and I continuously saw “Samurai is crafting a response” for a period of about 15 minutes! Why all that, and then a tiny post!? Change your mind? :D

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@beatthelastboss I accidentally didn’t click “send”

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I wasn’t aware of its status either way, frankly. A thousand apologies!

Response moderated
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Open arena, freeciv

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The best free game I have ever played by far is: Trackmania Nations Forever!

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@cyreb7 Thank you! I love it! Sweet choice!

Now everyone, thanks for the mass of responses so far, but I am looking for something a bit different. No more FPS games please, something innovative. I bought counter-strike source and doom, I have all the FPS I need, thank you ;)

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I am glad you like it @beatthelastboss.
I just thought of another game, I don’t know how long it will be around (the full version is coming out soon) but you can still download the prerelease version of Dyson for free.

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cave story was fucking awesome. I cried at the end.


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No mention of Warzone 2100?

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I started searching on youtube, and I found a (look awesome) game.. It’s called Gratuitous Space Battles , dunno if it is free, but hey, if it’s cheap im definitly buying it! Check it out!

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