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Should i buy an iphone ?

Asked by sandystrachan (4407points) October 12th, 2009

So ok i know what your thinking , isn’t he the one who said apple is crap that he would never get an iphone . That he wanted a HTC Touch HD , what changed ??

Well i want to get away from Microsoft in every form , and since everything is iphone ready i have been looking into them . I would buy the iphone 30something gig 3g{s} cause i need the extra space , but am i missing something is there another phone out there better than the iphone . Or are apple going to release a bigger capacity iphone in the not so distant future ? ?
I even plan on getting a mac and or changing the OS on my windows desktop to linux , thats how serious i am about getting away from M$.
If i do buy the iphone what apps free or pay for would you recommend.

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Why don’t you like Microsoft? I mean my whole family has macs but I still like microsoft.

The iPhone is pretty great, I use it all the time for different things. As of right now Apple is not releasing another phone. Possibly next June if they keep up the current trend they have going.

Other phones, if you don’t like Microsoft I would also recommend Android. Google’s mobile OS. Its really cool and it’s the only other kind of phone I would purchase besides my iPhone.

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Don’t forget, if you get an iPhone (and they are gorgeous) you are stuck with AT&T…

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@pdworkin not in Scotland, you’re not.

I believe that in the UK, the iPhone is carried by O2. i don’t honestly know how O2 rates amongst the UK carriers.

Usage wise, and appearance wise, they’re fantastic. (Btw, i work at the Apple Store – mea culpa). Do you need an iphone? or could you stand to use a regular phone and get, say, an ipod touch?

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@eponymoushipster I am with orange and was gonna buy a no network factory phone, also orange have signed to apple now and have the iphone coming soon wanna pay their prices. I found the phone for £350 new still boxed from an online store.
Oh i don’t want it for music and such , i want it for being a phone that i can do other things with . and some apps i could really use . If i did get an mp3 player i would buy an Archos or the ipod 120Gig classic.

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I am so Geocentric.

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If you do get an iPhone then it would be a complete waste of good technology to not jailbreak it or unlock it. And as for other alternatives there are Android phones which do pretty much the same thing. Except of course that you dont have to pay for all the apps. However the one thing that iPhones do have are ease of use. And now that Blackra1n has finally managed to jailbreak the 3.0 firmware I might consider getting one (iPod touch) since I lost my G1.

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@sandystrachan well, i’d wait til the 3GS comes out (which i believe is the plan) to claim your prize. 350 quid isn’t bad for an iPhone, either, though it’s probably a generation 1 iPhone. Some places they’re over 800–1000US.

UK and Europe are more reasonable about networks and so forth; I believe in Germany it’s illegal for the iPhone to be tethered to one network. Make sure Orange’ll support a phone purchased thru a 3rd party.

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Thats the phone
Is it really better to jailbreak it or leave it as is ?
Yea orange say if it holds a sim card we support it , it’s just a case of waiting to see if Orange produce better tariffs than O2 have.

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@eponymoushipster If you sneaked an iphone to me A) would it work B) would it work and 3) would you do it freeEE

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This is a site that tells you when the cycles for new Apple product releases are happening.

If you wait till a new gen iPhone is offered, you can get the old one for much cheaper as stores try to clear out their stock. I got a refurbished 8GB iPhone 3G for $80, and my boyfriend got a 16GB for $130, when they were preparing to come out with the 3GS the next week, back in June of this year.

As far as jailbreaking goes, I am not a huge fan. Yes, in many ways it does seem a waste, @Bugabear, because the iPhone can do so much more than it is allowed to do by Apple. But I found that the reason Apple doesn’t officially allow the things that jailbreaking does because it makes their product run like a piece of crap. I was really happy witht he jailbreak for about a month – and then my phone slowed down so much, it was really frustrating to even use it to make calls. So I restored it without the jailbreak, and am much happier.

Apps I like are Accuweather, my bank’s app, the Fluther app despite its drawbacks, Shazam (identifies music you hear), the NY Times app, iTrans (which would only be useful if you live in NYC), WordBook (a dictionary.etymology/thesaurus app), Wikipanion, Twitterific, Movie Genie, SeaChoice (helps you find sustainable seafood), and Rowmote (for turning your iPhone into a Mac remote). For games, I love Ragdoll Blaster, Katamari, and Sudoku.

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@wildpotato yeah, they usually come out in June. however, the timing is different for the UK. Orange is getting the 3Gs in the future; it’s not out there, afaik.

@sandystrachan Some iPhones (the US ones at least) come with a locked sim card slot. You might ask at your local Orange shoppe if they’ll pop it or it’ll be up to you.

As regards any passing of a phone, it might work, but i certainly don’t get one free. I get discounts, but it’s fairly limited. Heck, i don’t even have an iphone.

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I love my iPhone! The apps and features are amazing! Texting is quick and easy.

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@wildpotato Yeah but thats with the old one. The new one (third gen) runs about the same even with a jailbreak. And as long as you dont use a complicated theme than it should run fine. The minimalist theme is a good one. And I second Katamari as one of the best games for the iPhone.

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personally. i like my ipod touch. i know i know, its not an iphone but its pretty damn close. but phone wise, im holding out for the Motorola Sholes or tao or whatever. point is. android on verizon with full qwerty keys. kinda like the g1 but metal.

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Absolutely buy an iPhone. One of the the, if not THE best and most life changing purchase of my life. It will help you with everything you do, and you will wonder how you ever lived without it. Just get one!

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Droid rules!

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I f you do buy one, don’t get stuck with super slow phone service like AT and T.So annoying.

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@hotgirl67 Not any more. AT&T isn’t the only iPhone carrier in the US any longer; Verizon should be getting the iPhone any day now.

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Yup I have an iPhone on Verizon. Epic!

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