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Can someone transfer credits from a university that they flunked out of? :(

Asked by Falkor (142points) October 12th, 2009

I would like to finish my degree, but I flunked out of college my senior year(due to extenuating circumstances). I just moved and would like to go back to school but I am scared to go and talk to an advisor about my past without looking into it.

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I really don’t know. Most colleges will not like that you flunked out of school. Were you thinking about going to Community College or a private college

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Well also you better have a good explanation of why you flunked.

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Sure you can! If you did not flunk the class, then those credits are yours. You paid for them, and put in the time to get them. They can’t take them away from you just because you didn’t finish the degree. Don’t be afraid of talking to an advisor – these are exactly the kinds of questions they exist to answer.

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Any classes you passed should be able to be considered for transfer, as long as they meet the guidelines of the school to which you want to transfer them. As @wildpotato says, go talk to your advisor. They aren’t very good at some things, but this is an area in which they should be able to answer your questions and set the process in motion.

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It sounds like your degree was nearly finished anyway, so it would be a lot better if you were able to transfer the credits over. You should be able to get the process started by sending a transcript to your new school. If you dropped out due to tough circumstances in your life, most schools will understand. Good luck!

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I worked in an academic office at a University. The information given to you above is spot on. Once you have paid for a credit it is yours. You should get an official copy of your transcripts. You can usually do this online or by calling the school. Then you must go to the new college, with the transcript, to see which classes can be transferred. Every school has different transfer requirements. If you are really savvy you can likely find the transfer requirements on your new school’s webpage. On the one I worked at there was a little application that was very useful. You put which school you were transferring from and listed your classes. Then after you pushed submit it would show you if those classes transferred. If they did it would show you what they transferred as because it’s not always the same class or same amount of credits.

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As long as you don’t owe the school any money then they will be able to release your transcripts to another school.

You don’t even need to talk to an advisor, most school have a register that handle things like sending transcripts.

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