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Why can't I sign into Facebook from Internet Explorer?

Asked by babygalll (2768points) October 12th, 2009

Below is what I get everytime I try to log into Facebook. Anybody know why? All other sites seem to be ok.

��}o�v��?EgbR����D �,���cْ�g��%��&�R���ݔD{��)A�e�O�n�Av���yX��y����&c�Tu��b�d��f3�����:�:u��S��[�=|�����6 ��v|�wt������W��r���C��’�ώ�j�����5 �僯r�4M�M���(����JW����˧/��TQ�ޔ_�~�d�Fn���s=������j�����І�;�^�tr���e�r#}h\�”� m=U����n���35CD�޺�nf]�r���N��=���^.4��25�� ’��ao��;9�����3��ɚ��+��z�lw}ߝzzh ��+������C���-������Rv�\��E*�+��>{��p�t����h� C�u �;\�>h�H��%44q����zZ���,� g���}�]��6

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Get Firefox

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what version of IE are you using? (go to Help, about internet explorer)

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IE 8
Now another message pops up saying “IE blocked this site from downloading files to your computer. Click here for options…when I click it doesn’t allow me to do anything.

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This is cool. How’d you do that? I should but this on a forum to confuse people.

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Really it’s not. This really shows up on the web page when I try to log in. I’m the only one who is confused and need help!

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Whoa!That script in the question messed up fluther.

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oh sorry I forgot you had a question. Try using a different broswer. Chrome installs i just a couple of seconds. And whats with the itallics?

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It does the same on Firefox.

Thanks for your help!

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What about Chrome? Seriously it takes about a minute and a half to install. Here

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