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Does a hand-stiched and tied quilt need to be dry-cleaned or can it go in the washing machine?

Asked by evander (465points) January 31st, 2008

my grandmother made the quilt from scraps, many of which are cordoroy.

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How big is it and what’s it filled w? Valuable hand-made quilts should usually be dunked in cold water and woolite in a bath-tub, gently squeezed and rolled in towels to absorb the moisture. But if the quilt is big, getting it out and on a line will be back-breaking. Is there a college or University near you w. a textile dept where you can talk to a curator?

Tied quilts are objectively less valuable than those that are hand-quilted, but if your grandmother made this, it is precious and you want to treat it tenderly.

If the only value is sentimental, ask a dry cleaner, but the idea of chemicals doesn’t thrill me.

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It is strongly advised that any quilt be dry cleaned.

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