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Looking for a simple "guy's" cookbook, which cuts out the fancy talk and doesn't require millions of measurements.

Asked by Zen (7738points) October 13th, 2009

Know of one?

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jamie oliver’s “ministry of food”

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The guys cookbook would be filled with recipes that include the line “add beer” or “add hot sauce”.

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@joe – I have one, it’s just not in English (and wasn’t translated) – so I’m looking for something along its lines – exactly like that – add some beer, toss in some whatnot…

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How to Cook Everything By Mark Bittman. Good explanations, simple basic recipes – which lead to more complex stuff if you want.

Also, the Jamie Oliver ones are good, as well.

Have you tried there’s a good range there, as well, and it has a built-in feature that allows you to dynamically “resize” the recipe for more or less portions.

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@eponymoushipster: The problem with Bittman is that he doesn’t flavor anything well. Like, you know you’ve got a solid base to build from, but for the recipe to be any good you’re going to have to tweak it from here to next Thursday starting with salt and pepper.

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@EmpressPixie and we know what’s special about Salt and Pepper (confetti moment).

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@EmpressPixie this is true. but i figured for a beginner, it would work well.

@Zen oh, you!

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I think most guys could handle The Joy of Cooking but maybe not? :-)

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You might like the A Man, a Can… series.

Alternatively, some of the “beginning” college cookbooks (like The Healthy College Cookbook) are good because they have simple, no-fail (mostly) recipes.

As another option, something like How to Cook Without a Book might be helpful, as it teaches basic techniques and variations (i.e., how to cook chicken, then many different variations on cooked chicken).

(What are you wanting to cook? And what cookbooks have you tried and disliked?)

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The only gripe I have with Joy is that a lot of the recipes seem to require you to first make other recipes… however, it’s still one of my must-haves. Better Homes & Gardens cookbook is pretty basic… Manifold Destiny (link)couldn’t be anything but a “guy’s cookbook”!!

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@evegrimm Very, very helpful. Thanks!
Especially How to cook without a book.

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Do you know Alton Brown? Check out his videos on YouTube; they’re easy to follow and also give you a bit of the science behind why recipes work. He reminds me of my high school chemistry teacher. His show is called Good Eats.

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@EmpressPixie How dare you slander Mr. Bittman.

I’ve had nothing but success with his recipes. Of course, I always season everything myself anyway. I make the best French Toast. Ever. I really do.

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@andrew When’s your French Toast brunch in SF happening? I’ll fly out for it (or rent a U-Haul and drive in.)

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Get Alton Brown’s books. He’ll teach you how to cook by explaining how various foods work. After that, cooking becomes instinct, and you can cook anything.

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@andrew: Fact: it is not slander because he admits to this problem with his writing. He attributes it to being a reporter, not a chef.

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@EmpressPixie @andrew besides, it’s in print – it’s libel, if anything~.

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we need a Fluther cookbook. I wonder how many recipes we have on here?

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@PandoraBoxx I second that, I can think of several great recipes to put in that cook book.

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Check out this website. I have book number 44, and book number 23 looks interesting. Number 44, The Great Midwest American Wild Critter Cookbook is a staple in my kitchen. Any recipe book that has the recipe “Ozark Catfish Balls” has to be a real man’s cookbook. =)

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Huey is one of the best basic cooks, uses all the shortcuts and wears great braces too.

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The questions has been mis-read as looking for a “single” guys cookbook: all you girls (and a few guys) that have been PMing me – please cease and desist. Thanks.


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I’m going to add my vote for any of Alton Brown’s books his approach is very guy-ish. Lots of science and engineering principles and an absence of frou-frou. He did go to and graduate from culinary school in mid career so he has the food facts to go along with his scientific approach and vast cultural research and knowledge. He is totally unlike anyone else in the culinary universe.

Another great book for the absence of lots of measurements is Recipes 1–2-3 by Rozanne Gold. There are hundreds upon hundreds of recipes all with only THREE ingredients.

She is a highly respected culinary teacher who has specialized in this only three ingredient method which focuses upon quality with simplicity.

The book mentioned is her first one and she has subsequently written several more, each with a different emphasis.

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If you want a chuckle, head over to YouTube and put in Alton Brown’s name and Fried Turkey to see his safety rig for accomplishing this without the risk of burning up your deck/lawn/garage/house in the process.

I can’t imagine myself ever making a Turkey Derrick like that but it’s certainly clever and gives you a glimpse of his creativity and humor.

Obviously this is not a good example of the usual simplicity of his recipes but it is awesome to behold :)

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@Buttonstc Gotta love Alton Brown! Thanks for the Turket Derrick post. For those interested, here are the three parts to the episode:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

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My favorite Alton Brown moments are him making liquid smoke and the cookies episode of Good Eats.

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You have to check out a cookbook called “Get in the Kitchen, BIT@HES!” perfect for a guy… and easy recipes…

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I I got the “A Man, A Can…” series for my sons. It even has pictures of what you need to get from the store. It also features the kind of food guys like to eat.

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