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When you accidentally quit your web browser (Firefox on a Mac), is there any way to get back the email-compose windows with their contents?

Asked by zina (1661points) January 31st, 2008

I had two very long, very important emails drafted. I quit firefox and forgot that I hadn’t saved them yet. It asked if I really wanted to quit the two tabs which were before me (which was fine), but it doesn’t count the compose windows – which were behind and I forgot they were there. So since I clicked ok, it doesn’t restart asking if I want to reopen the previously-existing windows. My email program (web-based) doesn’t save as you type (like gmail). In the history sidebar it only reopens a compose window (except that it’s a log-in screen), without the email itself. Any other way of getting to that history???

This has happened a couple times and of course I’ll keep trying not to do it, but it’d be good to know how to fix it!!

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eeek i feel your pain. i have no clue about firefox but yes it DRIVES me mental when i do that. its just not fair. i only use MSN/windows/explorer but i always think should they NOT save themselved in drafts for heavens sake!

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don’t know of any way except to take preemptive measures; I type lengthy posts on text edit then copy / paste into the box. There may also be software that records kwystrokes continuously, but as for the browser don’t know of any embedded solutions.

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i often type in text edit too, but then if you accidentally quit that (or it quits, your computer dies, etc) you’ve got the same problem!!!

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or without using text edit just copy the text to the clipboard.

Command + A then
Command + C

Unless the computer freezes on copy then your text will be in the clipboard -not sure if it would withstand a system crash though…but what a slim chance of that happening anyways…

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Please note that Safari would have popped up a warning that you entered text and if you are really sure you want to quit it/close the window. But the editing in TextEdit is still a good idea in case the browser crashes.

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it always happens with the good long ones and the retype is never as good. After alI that writing you get so frustrated with losing it, you lose all the mojo too. I hate that.

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There is a firefox extension available that is called AutoSaveTextToCookie that will do exactly what you want! It will restart your browser and remember what you have typed in such a text box or email window. That problem is a major bummer when it happens and this one will sort you out!

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Use gmail. It auto saves drafts often.

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