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What kind of music do wealthy people listen to?

Asked by google (36points) October 14th, 2009

I am just wondering what the wealthiest people in the world tend to listen to. I realize that everyone is unique and has different preferences, but what are some general tendencies among the wealthy. Also I am wondering if there is some overlap of music preference between various persons of great wealth. In my mind, wealthy people are like Mukesh Ambani, Bill Gates, Lilian Bettencourt, Warren Buffet, Sam Walton, etc.

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“I realize that everyone is unique and has different preferences, but what are some general tendencies among the wealthy”

You do realise that this sentence consists of two phrases which effectively cancel each other out don’t you?

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The same as you and me. They just get to sit in the front row.

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What has financial status to do with musical taste?

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“The people in the cheap seats clap. The rest just rattle their jewelry.”

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They listen to the music that they like, whether it is classical or hip hop.

I would suspect that Sam Walton listened to country music just because of where he lived not much else was available (small town Arkansas). The others, I have no idea.

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Why ask me?? ;-D

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I don’t know, but I’m sure their music is better than your music.

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@Cartman – Wouldn’t that depend on who you are? What do you think 50 cent listens to? He’s worth multiple millions. And Jay-Z? Dr. Dre?

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Well, we know Kanye doesn’t listen to Taylor Swift…

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They don’t have time for music

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Dire Straits – “Money for Nothin’”
The Beatles – “Give Me Money – That’s What I Want”

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I would assume mostly the same music, but probably get to hear new music before any of us if they’d like to.

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Hey, @janbb: Pennies From Heaven?

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Greenback Dollar – Kingston Trio

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@pdworkin That’s the music us poor plebs listen to.

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I work at Panera Bread in a wealthy area called Memorial. It’s near downtown Houston so we get a lot of wealthy folks coming through there. I serve food and so it is essential that I have conversations with my customers. So one topic that i have stumbled upon is music. A lot of the wealthier folks say they like The Beatles, Diana Krall, and Pink Floyd. They said it was in their younger days though. We also play some music in this restaraunt and i see ppl jamming to it. We play jazz and a lot of instrumental tracks. I hope this answers your question.

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Richie Havens
Lionel Richie
John Rich
Big and Rich
Buddy Rich
Charlie Rich
Rich Mullins
Richie Sambora
Richie Furay

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@ruk_d A lot of the wealthier folks say they like The Beatles, Diana Krall, and Pink Floyd.

Diana Krall hasn’t been around for that long. Did you check that the tips they left were genuine? ;)

(Diana Krall is one of my favourite jazz singers.)

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I know a lot of wealthy people that like classical music and opera, but that is because, while not wealthy myself, I like classical music and opera, so those are the concerts I attend and the wealthy people I meet.

We used to live in the Memorial area of Houston, and we attended classical concerts downtown, but also liked bands such as Macondo and Santana. My father, who is well-to-do but not actually wealthy, likes Bob Wills, Bach, Gregorian chants, Venezuelan and Peruvian music, Big Band music from the 1940’s, and string quartets.

The music you like is a subset of the music to which you are exposed, so your financial background may have little to do with what you actually like, except that you can afford to be exposed to more choices.

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Well, my parents are quite wealthy and they mainly listen to ‘60s and ‘70s rock music. My mom does like classical, though. As do I. I also like contemporary pop and R&B.

As for a stereotype, people would probably say classical because classical is more “sophisticated” than the other types, not to mention seeing it in performance is expensive.

Other than that, wealthy people can like anything and I don’t think there are really any patterns among what music they listen to.

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I’m not sure that there is a general tendency among the wealthy. There’s such a difference in age, culture, background, etc. I’d venture to say that their tastes vary as much as middle and lower class people’s do. I don’t think there’s a trend.

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I have a rich friend, a bona fide preppy from Massachusetts with a town there named after his family. His faves are The Beatles, Mountain, Fairport Convention and their offshoots, some jazz and alt-country stuff like Wilco and Alison Krauss. But he’s almost 60, so there you go.

@poofandmook – Haha! Oh, that John Lennon! Cheeky!

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They listen to wealthy music.

Also, I like Warren Buffet’s “Margaritaville.”

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@mrentropy You mean Jimmy Buffet? ;D He’s also a millionaire…Just NOT a billionaire, tho!

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The music of silver spoons stirring their tea.

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When I was younger, I mostly listened to heavy metal. Now that I earn ten times what I earned then, I mostly listen to heavy metal. I suspect if I started making a seven-figure income, I’d mostly listen to heavy metal.

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I don’t know, but I can tell you this: there seems to be a presumption that opera lovers are in a high-income bracket. When the Friends of Opera call for donations, they gently suggest $1000 for starters, not $10, and make me laugh out loud. Then there’s the kind of ads I see in opera magazines. They are selling travel, jewelry, and expensive liquors, not Kraft products, Pampers, and NetFlix. You can rely on advertisers to know their audience.

To say that operagoers are presumed to be wealthy does not amount to saying that the wealthy are presumed to be operagoers, even though some upper-tier folks do have classical tastes and some do patronize the arts. It’s just a data point for you.

Musical performers at the top of every genre are likely to be among the rich. What kind of music do they listen to?

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Anything. Though some tend to be snobby and say they only listen to classical, jazz, or opera. I go to rock concerts all the time (in L.A. mostly, but also in San Fransisco and Vegas) and there are always very wealthy people (or at least they look wealthy) at the shows. They always seem to have the best seats.

My wife and I actually have fun pointing out industry people at concerts. You can tell them apart by the fact that they are overdressed and look bored. What a waste of good seats.

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@tinyfaery My husband & I saw several “industry” people at a recent concert…they also pee often, drink more, and wear sunglasses indoors (which just makes ‘em look weird…not interesting).

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@SpatzieLover If I pee often, does that mean I’m going to be rich? :-)

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@janbb You might need a pill for that ;D I found their constant walking up & down the aisle and disinterest to be rude.

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A wealth of it.

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They listen to Led Zeppelin.

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The tinkle of cascading coins.

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@sweetteaindahouse I listen to Led Zeppelin and I’m broke. But the two are not mutually exclusive of course… makes me feel a bit rich mayeb

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That article is hilarious…I especially liked “If more than 5 people have heard of, or like the band, they will shoot it down as sold-out.” Ugh…I know people like that…!

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I believe the term is yacht rock.

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I am not wealthy and I am not poor but I would listen to rock,techno,pop,and hip hop! :)

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lil wayne. i really do think this is true actually.

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It has been my experience that older people in nice cars would more often than not either have their radios tuned to the classical station (R.I.P., Classic 99!) or else to talk radio.

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