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How should I deal with EA customer service?

Asked by LesPierreCustom (83points) January 31st, 2008

My Rock Band guitar strum bar, like so many others, is shot, so I went through ‘s very simple and convenient online method for getting a replacement. I went with the express decision since I can’t live without my Rock Band, which basically means that I get a guitar shipped to me right away with 2-day shipping from UPS and I just send my old guitar in the box the new one comes in. All should be free to me—unless I don’t return the old guitar within the 28 days allotted. Then they charge me something like $125 or something outrageous. I did all of this on January 23rd (9 days ago) and according to my UPS tracking number, the status is still “Billing information received”. I have no idea where my guitar is and how I can send them the old one without the box. I don’t want to be charged the money obviously, so I want to talk to them or something. What should I do; how do I contact them? There’s no phone number anywhere that I saw on EA’s support websites and I hesitate to waste time with email communication. Anyone with a similar experience or simply wise in the ways of customer service with some advice?

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A friend of mine had his guitar and drum set both break on him. He had to ship his out like you did with the same conditions but something happened and he never got his guitar or drums. He just emailed them to find out what was the issue, and they apologized for delays and also gave him an EA game for free. So my advice to you would be to just write them an email and explain to them that you shipped out your guitar and you were improperly charged and would like a refund and with some luck you’ll get it and a free game. Hope it all works out for you, as I know dealing with costumer support is a nightmare.

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A gun to the head.

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