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What do you think about the fact that Israel will not accept a Palaestinian state with full sovereignty while demanding that Palaestina recognise Israel's full sovereignty?

Asked by ragingloli (47912points) October 14th, 2009

Combine that with Israel’s disregard for fomer agreements to not continue settlements in contested territories and their recent demands to ignore the the Goldstone report that concluded that both Palaestina and Israel are guilty of committing war crimes, or else there will be no peace, and you can only conclude that the Israeli government is rotten to the core and can not be regarded as “good”.

Your thoughts on this please.

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Well, what can I say – I think it’s baloney but you don’t want me to get started with my anti-Israeli politics sentiments

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I dont understand the whole “they must recognize Isreals right to exist” thing. How does any state have a “right” to exist?

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I do not believe your statement is quite accurate. The Palestinian government does not recognize Israel. Israel does not recognize Palestine. Both countries (if one chooses to call them that) place similar demands on each other. Both countries have committed war crimes etc etc. They are both equally silly.

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This has been happening for a long long time. Israel is not interested in giving Palestine anything since they are the ones with the power here and no international body such as the UN has sufficient leverage to force the issue. All the while Palestine is suffering. That doesn’t make it right for them to go blowing up things either but it is a sign of just how desperate some people are in that region. It’s ugly on both sides of that wall.

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I think it’s all rather childish. Everyone is more concerned with being right than with solving actual problems. I was just at a presentation about the region, in which the historian pointed out that there have been several proposed agreements, and in each of them, the amount of territory for the Israelites got larger and the territory for the Palestinians got smaller. The Palestinians have turned them all down, because they think that all the land is theirs. There is no need to compromise.

When you negotiate from mutually exclusive principles, there is no negotiation. As long as both sides ignore reality in favor of some idealized view of the world, nothing will be accomplished. I don’t see this stand-off ending in my lifetime. Or in my children’s.

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Short-sightedness. Let’s hope Israeli voters pick a more moderate leader next time. And let’s hope Hamas never gets reelected.

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@Zen I meant what does that movie (that was removed) have to do with the topic at all? I saw you post that on other Israel-Palestine questions and I don’t understand why

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@benjaminlevi I’d rather not discuss anything Israel-related with you. I hear you and your politics, you are entitled to your opinion; I just do not think anything productive could come of it.

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@benjaminlevi If you don’t wanna debate policy thats fine and I wont, but star wars?

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@benjaminlevi Did you mean to ask me that – or are you talking to yourself in jest?

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@benjaminlevi It was curiosity, but never mind.

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@benjaminlevi You posted, look above:

@benjaminlevi If you don’t wanna debate policy thats fine and I wont, but star wars?

I asked what you meant by posting an @ to yourself, and what does star wars have to do with anything? Just curious.

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