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What does it mean when your lymphnodes hurt?

Asked by urbanknight35 (1points) October 14th, 2009

lymph nodes

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It means that you should see a Doctor. Could be very little, could be very serious. It might just indicate an infection somewhere in the body or something more sinister. It was the first indication that I had cancer back a few years ago. Swollen and inflamed lymph nodes.

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I get swollen, sore lymph nodes when I get really sick. But, as @DarkScribe said above, it means different things for different people. If you are worried about them, and this is something new for you, why not go and get a quick check up with your doctor?

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As the others have said, you need to go see a doctor. You need to find out why your lymph nodes are hurting. It could simply be an infection that may need to be treated, or it could be something more serious.

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The most typical reason is that you are getting ill. Typically an illness that’ll last a few days to a week. Something like the flu, a serious cold, strep throat etc.. It is an early indicator. So as everyone has said seeing a doctor can be helpful so at least you’ll know what you’ve got.

In the meantime treat yourself like you are sick. Get extra sleep and take some vitamin C as well as plenty of fluids. Call into work or school. Perhaps you’ll be able to fight it off.

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This is really gross but a few months back I would get swollen nymph nodes around my armpits and groin. They got painful and I squeezed them real hard. They would pop and blood and puss would come out. It was sick. But after a while they went away and I’m all good. My parents (who are both pharmacists, not doctors) told me I should go to the doctor and he would lance them and give me some antibiotics. but i never got around to it.

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@jaketheripper That is fairly common. Hubby had them in the armpits. If you go to the doctor they will safely drain them for you or they will tell you to keep them clean and let them burst on their own. Once this happens you should make sure to keep the area clean so it won’t occur again, not that you aren’t clean but sometimes hard-workers or athletes get this because of accumulated sweat etc.. Also your deodorant could be the culprit or anything else that has chemicals. I’m not a doctor just trying to remember what they told hubby. Sometimes it is illness as well.

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You’re probably getting a cold and there is a high probability that going to a doctor is a waste of time and money. I get swollen lymph nodes BAD when I get a cold, which is rare, but they always go away soon after, and even when they’re swollen and the slightest bit sore, it’s barely noticeable, unless you’re touching them.

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Lymph nodes are one of the main stops for your immune system. If it were me, I think I’m getting a cold or some bug that my body’s working on fighting off. After having read the other comments, I guess they’re big stops for other diseases too. Can’t hurt to go to a doctor and get it checked out.

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The time my lymph nodes were the most swollen and painful was when I had a form of “Cat Scratch Fever” (which I actually got from a raccoon). It is a bacterial disease caused by Bartonella henselae. Antibiotics will help it heal quickly.

However, if you don’t usually get swollen lymph nodes when you are coming down with a cold a doctor visit would be wise just to rule out other causes.

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