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Is it too early to say, "Ron Paul for President"?

Asked by RealEyesRealizeRealLies (30819points) October 14th, 2009

When is it appropriate for the underground show signs of life?

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I guess I kind of just assumed he would run again. Hes like the only libertarian republican that runs. Maybe I’m wrong.

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During the ‘08 campaign he said he wouldn’t be running again. Said he was too old, and such.
I don’t know if he’s changed his mind since then.

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hes going to lose anyways.

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A little… but what the hell.

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Ron Paul? Puh-leez.
How about Dennis Kucinich?

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I heard that he evolved when someone exposed Mudkip to the Earthstone.

And that if you expose Ronpaul to the moonstone he turns into Moonbat.

But my pokedex has been acting funny lately.

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I say start handing out the bumper stickers now. that way i know which pretentious hipsters won’t be using turn signals on their Toyota Maxtrixes and can drive accordingly.

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Ru Paul?

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When corporate power reigns supreme over our elected representatives, it’s time for.. a Libertarian? (“No, keep that money. I don’t need to be bought. I’ll let you keep doing what you’re doing now out of general principle!”)

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Say it as much as you like.

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I only hope alternative parties can gain a larger percentage of the next presidential election.

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@cjmegatron81 You think that will ever happen? Maybe so. The last election was historic in every aspect. Things change, but would they get enough financial support for such an endeavor? It’s all about that, right? That’s kinda the criteria for making your voice heard.

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I’d say too late, not too early.

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@O though I also think it’ll be difficult, things these days really are a changin’. (and though I hate to use this) ie. twitter. It’s a medium where individuals have a much better chance of gaining a following, and a place peoples thoughts can be heard. If this is an emerging trend that will continue to grow, then perhaps (ideally speaking) we can have elections where even smaller parties can reach out to more people.

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I’m waiting for the Republicans to come up with a viable candidate. Last election, out of the twelve nominees, McCain ended up getting the nod. McCain? Really?? oh come on.

I think the GOP is a joke and really needs to work on their public persona, blasting Douche Loosebowels and Dickface “don’t shoot me in the face, I’m not a bird” Cheney into space (preferably into a low earth orbit) on a Russian rocket would be a good start. ~

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You can say it now or 3.2 years from now. His chances of getting elected are exactly the same.

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He’s got some good ideas. Too bad the whack-a-doodle ones get in the way.

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you can sell it…I’ll buy it.
I did last time.
Let’s see if you can get a couple more people on board.

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