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Is there a good dictionary web-app for iPhone/iPod Touch?

Asked by bluemukaki (4332points) February 1st, 2008

The Mobile sucks and Google doesn’t have many answers…

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I don’t think it does…not a mobile app but may not “suck” for you…what are you looking for feature-wise? Care to elaborate?

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try I don’t know the app link but if you click on the reference icon on the left it brings up the app. Cant copy/paste on iPhone, but you’ll see it. Its pretty cool…you put a word in then select dictionary, urban dictionary or wiki answer. Is it the best? Idk, but I’ve been looking for a good dictionary app and this is the only one that was decent.

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NinjaWords might work well.

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I recommend going to and typing “dictionary” in the searchbar. I’d give you a Url but there’s no way to copy/paste – LOL

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offers a good dictionary and a true iPhone UI.

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Ultralingua requires payment after a couple of searches though! :(

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Ultralingua allows “a couple” searches per day for free. I don’t know how many “a couple” is, but for my occasional use, I’ve never run into the limit.

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