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Which countries does the US dollar still have a strong value?

Asked by nightowl (6points) October 15th, 2009

What is the complete list of countries where the US dollar still has a strong value for traveling?

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Israel. Iraq. Afghanistan. Libya.

Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Not so much North Korea. They use tissue paper with smiley faces.

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Switzerland used to have a very good exchange rate…about .80 USD for one franc. Not anymore; it’s about equal exchange now.

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Do you mean travelling around and using US dollars? Or do you mean exchanging money into the local currency?

If it’s the former, I know that they use the USD in Bali and probably many many many other places worldwide. If it’s the latter, then maybe Zimbabwe would be your choice. Instant billionaire FTW.

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It has been steadily dropping here (Australia) for the past few months. We are approaching parity from a point where the Australian dollar was around sixty US cents. Last year’s cheap Australian holidays for US tourists are about over.

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@DarkScribe It’s the kangaroo economy.

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@NewZen _ It’s the kangaroo economy._

Bouncing all over the place?

We seems to have fared better than most – they consider the recession over here to the extent where they are raising interest rates again. Employment is up and housing prices soaring.

(What happened to “old” Zen?

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Zimbabwe. Just kidding.

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I think it’s still pretty strong in the US from what I hear :P

exchange rates are international, and they are the same all over the world, so if you get ripped off, it’s usually because you went to the wrong bank or tried to change money at one of those money-changing places in the centre of the capital. You know the ones.

If you mean places where you could still pay with dollars instead of the local currency, I think most poorer countries would accept US$, but they’d probably accept Yen, Rubles or even rubble for that matter. Richer countries (and especially the ones in Eurozone) will probably tear up your dollars and throw them in your face just to make a point.

But you can always get decent exchange rates in banks, that’s what I’d do.

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