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I've been noticing a stong smell of chlorine in my drinking water (Seattle) and wonder how to get it out?

Asked by skfinkel (13511points) February 1st, 2008

I know they have to constantly add chlorine to pools, so if I leave a glass of water out to the air, will the chlorine dissipate? Other ideas?

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A good water filter (such as brita) will remove most of it with activated charcoal. Leaving the water sitting out will also let the chlorine dissipate.

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Let it sit for a while after pouring chlorine will leave naturally. Chlorine doesn’t stay in solution well.

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Leave it sit for awhile as others have said. Chlorine isn’t really harmful it’s the Floride that is. It is tasteless and was used as a rat poison in Germany back in the 40’s. Someone sold it to the dentistry and they sold it to our government as a protection against tooth decay and it really doesn’t do much of anything other then build up in your system and COULD cause problems but it han’t been documented as harmful—- yet.

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@Charlie: Why do you say that chlorine is not harmful? Is this something you know to be true?

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We found a “Pur” filter that attaches to your faucet and eliminates this. Pretty convenient. I guess you can also get them in an under-the-sink version. I like this better than having to keep refilling a container that takes up space on the counter.

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The amount of chlorine they put in the water is diluted down to a point that tho it may smell bad. still will not hurt you. I am in charge with My city water supply. You wouldn’t want to drink the pure Chlorine but that is another story.

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Fill pitchers and put them in the fridge. It will dissapate over night. Just so you know chlorine is the reason there are higher rates of colon cancer in urban areas.

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