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Where do you Fluther most?

Asked by patg7590 (4608points) October 16th, 2009

this question got me thinking…
Where are you more often than not when you’re Fluthering?

I’m usually at work, (70%) in class (30%) and again before I go to bed. (10%) Occasionally from the iPod Touch if I can stand it.

Where do you Fluther?

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I Fluther a lot at work but also quite a bit at home. Although my hubby seems to think i’m too addicted so my home Fluthering is becoming interrupted by his pestering, lol.
Of course when he works on the weekends I’m left to it. LOL

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It used to be when I was in my bedroom at home, but now that I’m all grown up and in college, it’s from my dorm room most of the time. I bring my laptop to class, but I rarely come here in class. I also access it from my iPhone sometimes, but not as much as I used to.

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Work, definitely work. I have killed a lot of time here on this site.

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I’d say 75% of the time at the on-campus computer labs and 25% at home during the week (I’m a commuter).

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Mostly from work, but once in a while I Fluther from home

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In my “office” at home about 80% of the time, and the rest of the time from work. I don’t feel it’s ethical to spend too much work time Fluthering even though there is dead time, so I usually just do some quick peeks to check on activity. I will write witty asides at work, but save the more thought-provoking questions for at home.

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Only from home, only when I’m not doing anything work related.

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I dont take my lab top to class or work of the gym, so its all done from right here.

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on my computer.

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@eponymoushipster you’re an ass. lurve

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Mostly at home because I’m too busy at work. If it is slow at work, or if I have time on my lunch break, I’ll check-in. Since they’ve started monitoring web activity on our computers at work, I’ve usually use my iPhone at work. I use it a lot at home, too, because my son and I share one desktop.

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Desk at work.
You think I am going to bring this into my fortress of solitude?

Ok, sometimes I do.

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On the couch or in bed.

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On my computer, in my playroom at home, sometimes naked and more often than that, stoned and/or inebriated.
See ya….Gary/wtf

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@eponymoushipster hahahahahahahahahahaha

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90% of the time, here at home. But I also fluther at work, too.

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Mostly in my sleep. That explains the lack of quality in my posts.

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I only Fluther from home.

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I Fluther mostly at work but that is only because that is where I am more than anywhere else. I Fluther at home to in the evenings or weekends. Basically, wherever I am, if I have access to the internet I’ll happily Fluther!

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Home. Sometimes in bed.

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In bed, in the backyard on a nice day or night, in the kitchen, in front of the tv and sometimes on the toilet. shhh

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@jonsblond Really? When your kids call in and say “What are you doing in there, Mom?” do you answer, “I’m just taking a Fluther”?

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@janbb I literally can’t quit laughing!

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In bed, at my desk, or I grab a bunch of floor pillows and Fluther whilst I’m sitting on the flo’.

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home mostly… in bed. sometimes on the iPhone.

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@eponymoushipster im still waiting for @casheroo to come back and see what you said lol

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@patg7590 she’s around. she’s probably just ignoring it. or she’s totally embarrassed she misread the question…

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still laughing @eponymoushipster wow. you are an artist

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I normally use at home. Sipping a class of wine.

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@tandra88 A class of wine? Wow… Do you have a drinking problem? That sure does sound like a lot of wine for one person to drink! ;)

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@eponymoushipster Excuse me? I did not misread the question, others said things @jonsblond on the toilet. So shut up! lol

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@casheroo ewwww who has Fluther while they’re on the toilet? maybe some people but I didn’t see that come up in this thread

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@patg7590 Check out @jonsblond ‘s answer above (followed by my quip.).

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@janbb lol i saw that but I was referring to what @eponymoushipster said.

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Here lately Ive been sitting in my neighbors car on their carport Fluthering. Its got cold in Tennessee or I would sit on the patio furniture because I can’t ping good of my neighbors wireless anymore.

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@buster You know they have cafes that have free wireless right? Nice and warm :)

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@tandra88 I know. I was just pokin’ fun at you. :)

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I Fluther at work 35% of the time and at home 50% of other times. As far as the 15% that is unaccounted for, those are when my blackouts are occurring.

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