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How do I remove my bathtub which won't fit through the door?

Asked by wanda111 (22points) February 1st, 2008

A friend told me to go after it with a sledge hammer. Has anyone done that? Any tips?

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Well, if you don’t want to keep it or give it to someone else then a sledgehammer sounds good. Would be fun anger management—chop up a bathtub.

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Depends on what it is made of. If it is ceramic I would take a sledgehammer to it (wear safety goggles). If it is fiberglass or plastic I would use a Reciprocating Saw (also called a Sawzall). And you should wear safety glasses if you do that too.

Both of these methods will obviously destroy the tub.

And yeah, I have done both. Be careful with the sledgehammer. It is easy to get into it and poke a hole in a wall.

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This may be a stupid question but,
How do you get a bathtub in there if it wont fit going out?

Something I’ve always been curious about.

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You move it in through a large window that still needs to be installed or before the walls are finished. It is trivial to cut out some of the frame before drywall goes up.

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Thanks for the advice. I also just watched a bunch of u-tube videos of people smashing up their old tubs, so I guess it is possible! I did learn a tip from watching these clips. A couple people covered the tub with a blanket or tarp to avoid the danger of flying pieces. My tub is ceramic and was installed in the bathroom before all the walls were studded in. I should sell wacks at it as an alternative to a trip to the therapist.

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