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How many people use flutherbot to post questions?

Asked by Dr_C (14134points) October 16th, 2009 from IM

I’m wondering what the most used medium for posting on fluther is. Do most people have the site open and decide to ask questions? does anyone not have the site on and use flutherbot to ask? are there more options?

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Flutherbot isn’t widely used for asking questions, and as such, has been neglected a bit. (A BIT!).

I, for one, dictate my questions to Ben and have him type them in.

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I tried setting it up with my yahoo account but it didn’t work.

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I don’t even know what flutherbot is

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@SpatzieLover He’s a little rusty jellyfish that suggests questions, lets you know when people respond to you, and keeps you company over IM.

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I used it to post once. It was fun.

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Unfamiliar with this bot. I think of a question and log on.

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I have had e-mail from that rusty little guy, but I’ve never thought of using him to ask my questions. I like Andrew’s method of asking Ben to type them as I’m a lousy typist.

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If only we could all get Ben to type our q’s….

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I was never really sure how it was supposed to work.

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@janbb Oh, there’s no asking at all.

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@andrew My God, I never knew. So you’re the Fluther Fascist? Or is it the Fluther Fuerhrer?

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@janbb you’re in a good mood today lol

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I don’t really care for Flutherbot. He is like a drunk friend that texts me at all hours of the night.

speaking of which lol

@andrew any luck with this?

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@patg7590 Yup – just post-teaching euphoria.

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@patg7590 Once I get back around to doing another revision on him, I’ll definitely address that.

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@janbb how exciting, my wife is going to school for a teaching degree, should I expect this?

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@andrew can I turn him off? lol

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@patg7590 It only works if you have tremendous stagefright before the class and then the class goes really well…

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@patg7590 You can tell him not to message you when you’re away. You can also tell him not message you about new question suggestions—just activity and comments.

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I only use Mr Bot to be informed of new posts , i like posting via main site .

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I tried but it didn’t work. I want a little Flutherbot :(, I can name him Squishy!

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