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Do you think lockerz is real or fake?

Asked by flip193 (208points) October 16th, 2009

Theres this website lockerz for free stuff and my freind was going to invite me but I dont know if I should join or not because it might be fake. Whats your opinion?

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i suspect it is fraudulent, a phishing site or some sort of pyramid scheme.
there are countless posts about it on /b/, so i would be careful will that. (they post recipes that they claim will produce crystals when in fact it creates mustard gas, so there )

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what the bleep are you talking about

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I redeemed for Wii Sports Resort, so I will let you know if I get it.

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oh cool…K thank you….Cause like you know how they had that thing like 2 days ago with the ptz redeem it took for ever for me to get on the site and then when i was redeeming fight night round 4 and like entering my shipping info the site wouldnt load

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