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What do girls do for the homecoming dance for a guy?

Asked by smile1 (493points) October 17th, 2009

So, this year will be my first year going to my school’s homecoming dance with a guy…

Is there anything I should know? what should i bring? I know my date is buying a corsage for me… is there anything i should bring in return?

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A lapel pin flower. One that matches his outfit.

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@jackm Has it right. It’s called a boutonniere. (Pronounced boot-en-eer)

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@jackm is right. Order him a boutonniere. If you go out to dinner or any other entertainmet, offer to pay for part of it. Be a good date- thank him when he does gentlemanly things and have fun!

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<—- Shocked no one has said “put out”,

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Some girls want his boutonniere to match her corsage and her outfit and his outfit. If you want the whole ensemble to look like a matched set, better let him know what you have in mind. For instance, one of my son’s dates bought a dark red and black dress and wanted his tux vest and bowtie and both of their flowers to match. My other son took a girl to the prom who directed that everything they wore be black or white. And she wore bright red lipstick. They were a stunning couple.

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i was about to say you should give him your virginity, but i restrained myself seeing as i was the first answer.

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Wow- I went to so many homecoming dances and never knew you were supposed to get the guy a flower.

@Jeruba one of the couples at my prom wore matching bright red. She had a red dress and shoes, and he had an all red suit with a red top had and a cane.

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Hmm. I got a black and white dress, and he got a black tux…that ok? ahah. is it too bland? should i have gotten a more exciting color of a dress?

@jackm and @Likeradar thank you! would i have to order it? i noticed they are rather expensive…would it be weird if i made one myself?

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@smile1 Yeah, you should go to a florist, or even the floral department at a grocery store and order one a few days before. If you’re good at making them, go for it. But I wouldn’t recommend it if it might suck.

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@smile1, your black and white combo isn’t bland. It could be very dramatic. You could choose almost any color for the corsage and boutonniere and it would look nice. Best to coordinate them, though.

@Haleth, I bet those two stood out!

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@Jeruba you think so? hmmm. :) I’m excited!!!

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Billy Joel

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@smile1, I do. Deep red roses are kind of an obvious choice, not that they woulfdn’t look great. What about golden yellow? or electric blue? purple, pink, even green—or white. You have a lot of choices, with different effects. Depends on your style, coloring, preference, and the kind of impression you want to make. And his too, of course.

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@Jeruba hmm.. electric blue sounds amazing…! Ill talk to my date… :)

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Don’t need to bring/do anything. He should be happy with you as the date :)

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